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  • Jul 16, 2019
  • By Lucas Sommer
AppsFlyer and LeadsRx Integration: Mobile Attribution Using In-App Events
A mobile attribution & marketing analytics platform.

Mobile Attribution with LeadsRx is now possible using our seamless integration with AppsFlyer.

This integration will give LeadsRx an even more complete view into what marketing touchpoints are driving in-app conversions. Our end-to-end integration directly with AppsFlyer brings complete granularity into the application level events meaningful to marketers.

This allows LeadsRx to track a customer journey all the way from “first touch” to the point where they convert as a paid monthly subscriber of your mobile application.

Mobile Attribution with AppsFlyer and LeadsRx: How it Works

AppsFlyer works by integrating directly into any mobile application (iOS, Android) allowing developers to track key user events like:

  • application launch (available, but not recommended)
  • application install
  • sign up completion
  • login
  • profile updates/custom fields
  • payments/transactions
  • content views

When AppsFlyer is integrated into your application, passing key conversion events to LeadsRx is simple.

How to Integrate AppsFlyer and LeadsRx

1. Sign into LeadsRx and go to the integrations set up page located in the top right hand drop down menu.

Click “Setup” under AppsFlyer to authenticate the integration.

2. On this screen you will see your Account Tag and Secret Key. Copy these two pieces of information because we will be using them in the next step.

3. Sign into AppsFlyer with admin level credentials and navigate to the integrations area. Click on the LeadsRx integration and provide your Account Tag and Secret Key. If you need help with this step please visit the AppsFlyer help center.

4. Return back to LeadsRx, go to the integrations page, and click on Setup under the AppsFlyer module. On this page, simply hit “Enable” to authenticate the integration.

Once your account is authenticated properly in LeadsRx, you will see the green check status notification that the integration is active.

4. Create the conversion events you want to track with LeadsRx attribution modeling.

You can create event names in AppsFlyer like install or signup. A specific event name can be used to trigger a conversion in LeadsRx using our seamless integration. The screenshot below shows the set up conversion screen with the AppsFlyer conversion type.

5. Update any advanced settings needed for this particular conversion type.

6. Save this conversion. And create any other AppsFlyer related conversions in the same way.

That is it!

We recommend you start tracking only the most important events first and then work your way towards the edge cases and granular details. When it comes to mobile attribution, it is often more important to measure something like “Transactions” as opposed to “App Launch” at the beginning. Going back and adding more conversion types is always possible, but the biggest gains will come from measuring the most important events first.

If you need any help with integrating AppsFlyer with LeadsRx please contact support.