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  • Jul 20, 2016
  • By Jeff Keenan
Where Did Our Budget Go? How Did We Do Last Month? What Was Our ROI on Display?

Did you just groan? If you did you must be a marketer!!! These are the questions that marketers face each and every week and hate to hear if you don’t have the exact answers. Some marketers reply “ we did good, lots of clicks” others reply “ I’ll have to get back to you, I don’t have a full picture just yet”. Imagine a world where you can feel confident on answering these questions with just a few clicks!

As marketers are tasked with more channels, online and off, it’s nearly impossible to get a full view of all channels side by side and in one place. That’s just the start, now add in cost analysis per channel and also your average cost per conversion and you will pull your hair out. Calculators, Excel, Abacuses fingers, toes won’t help your case as these are very complex calculations and takes hours if not days to come up with the ROI per channel, ROI per month and so on.

Now, think about a calmer, more strategic you. You now have the choice to continue to take your socks off at work and hope for the best or you can utilize a platform that do all this work for you in real time. Imagine waking up for work and knowing your average cost per conversion, ROI on display, ROI on Adwords before stepping into the office. When you walk into the office and your bombarded with questions on your budget, you’ll have all the answers you’ll ever need. Need extra budget to get more conversions, your CFO would love to give you money, you now have a tool that shows where your budget went!