Marketing Attribution for Enterprises

Improve performance and grow your brand with data and insights with LeadsRx Attribution™ and LeadsRx Journey™.
Enterprise marketing

Made for Enterprise

With LeadsRx, your business gets access to top-notch attribution that give you an impartial view of which channels are working - and which are not. No matter how you go to market or generate revenue, you'll have the data and insights at your fingertips to exceed acquisition targets, decrease ad costs, and maximize customer lifetime value. It's time to nail that strategic vision.

Persistent Marketing

When you use LeadsRx, you also connect with a company obsessed with customer success and passionate about advancing marketing technology – impartially. These hallmarks drive our partnership with you, enabling your brand to grow with a customer intelligence practice that puts the customer at the center of everything you do – just as we do with you.

LeadsRx helps brands adapt their marketing strategy to the changing demands of customers and markets. By leveraging multi-touch attribution, customer journey analytics, and quality data, you have the technology and insights you need to level up your strategy and  performance. Brands that incorporate LeadsRx solutions:

  • Improve customer acquisition efficiency
  • Increase lifetime value of customers
  • Identify wasted ad spend

The Power of the Pixel

From the moment the LeadsRx Universal Pixel™ has been installed on your website, it immediately starts collecting data that you can apply to your marketing strategy.

Running multi-channel campaigns? The LeadsRx Universal Pixel collects data on marketing touchpoints from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, UTM parameters, referrals, and more, instantly adding these to your LeadsRx dashboard.

It automatically learns about these touchpoints and gives each the right amount of credit while also recording individual customer journeys. Journeys are then aggregated for fast reporting and attribution insights. No other setup is required, so you’re able to see how each touchpoint performs — and start acting on these insights — within just a few days.

Your LeadsRx dashboard is the place to go to review attribution results in real time. You can see conversion segmentation, attribution summary, marketing touchpoint performance, content frequency and attribution, customer journeys, ROAS, cost of acquisition analysis, and much more.

API Integration

The LeadsRx API

The LeadsRx API makes it easy to process the bulk data you need to understand how your marketing is performing. Using it lets you input raw data into the system or pull data back out. You can access all of the LeadsRx API endpoints – like the Attribution API to look up the results of a designated campaign or the Grid API to add new conversions or touchpoints to specified campaign data.

Automated execution removes the chance for human error and ensures you're marking the right decisions.The goal with the LeadsRx API, like any other API, is to increase efficiency and reduce the cumbersome nature of handling lots of data. When dealing with bulk data, the API allows for automated execution – and that removes the chance for human error.