Marketing Attribution for Media

LeadsRx measures advertising performance across all mediums -- including broadcast TV and radio, OTT/CTV and podcasts -- to give you big-picture insights you need to create high-performing campaigns.
Broadcast and Streaming Media

Impartial Measurement of All Channels

The beauty of multi-touch attribution is that it is impartial. You can be confident knowing which offline and online media channels are working or not working, allowing for in-flight adjustments to improve campaign performance.

Broadcast TV and Radio

Gauging the success or failure of broadcast TV and radio advertisements can be tricky, especially with point solutions that don't consider other advertising channels.

The LeadsRx approach provides an off-the-shelf omni-channel solution for evaluating the performance of TV and radio advertising in conjunction with all other marketing channels – digital ads, streaming commercials and podcast ads, and even direct mail.

By looking at all channels together, including your broadcast ads, you get an impartial view of the customer journey and insights into how well your ads are performing in a true multi-touch attribution environment.

Podcast Ads

Don’t know if your podcast ads are working? LeadsRx connects the dots between a podcast ad and an in-store or online visit that ends up as a conversion.

We won’t get technical here on how it’s done, but LeadsRx brings podcast advertising into the multi-touch attribution landscape. Our podcast attribution capabilities are an extension to our omni-channel attribution solution. Ask us about how it works.

OTT & CTV Streaming Ads

See how your streaming TV ads – OTT or CTV – contribute to your bottom line and discover new ways to activate OTT audiences with highly popular content.

OTT and CTV advertising has a unique ability to reach the right audience at the right time through its combination of easy access and convenience. Despite great advancements in digital marketing, advertisers know little about the shows or other ads their spots are running against.

Streaming advertising is incorporated into the attribution data and insights with all other marketing channels to provide a complete view of the overall customer journey. See how OTT/CTV ads contribute to that journey. Specifically within the streaming realm, we’ll measure:

  • Impressions and visits to advertiser websites
  • Long-lead conversions influenced by ads
  • Website lift due to ad exposure
  • Segmentation on dimensions such as creative, ad position, show, duration
  • Segmented ROI analysis
Improving ROAS

Improving ROAS

Through insights from multi-touch attribution, you will know which of your advertising campaigns – podcast ads included – are working and, more importantly, which are not. Armed with this unbiased attribution data, you can optimize your campaigns for return on ad spend (ROAS) – a critical KPI every advertiser needs to be focused on.