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LeadsRx marketing attribution solutions put the power of impartial data and insights in the hands of marketers
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Two Products to Power Persistent Marketing

LeadsRx helps brands and agencies improve marketing performance by leveraging multi-touch attribution (MTA), customer journey analytics (CJA), and impartial insights drawn from all of that amazing marketing attribution data. With the right technology, marketers have the confidence they need to optimize campaigns, improve return on ad spend (ROAS), decrease customer acquisition costs, and improve customer lifetime value. We do this with two core products:

LeadsRx Attribution™

Impartial, cross-channel attribution provides marketers with basic conversion tracking to know what’s working and what’s not.

Connecting the dots between marketing touchpoints and conversions, LeadsRx Attribution™covers a broad range of marketing programs and events. See which of these touchpoints, or combination of them, result in lower acquisition costs and higher ROAS:

  • Digital impressions and clicks
  • Linear TV and broadcast radio exposure
  • Podcast downloads and streams
  • OTT impressions
  • Offline, in-person events, and sales

LeadsRx Journey™

With built-in identity resolution, LeadsRx captures each touchpoint along the path-to-purchase.

LeadsRx has built its own identity graph over many years, now with more than 2 billion identities across devices, browsers, and apps. This makes identity resolution native to LeadsRx without the need for external, third-party solutions. Discover:

  • Customer journeys anonymously
  • Optional data enrichment with opted-in, first-party identities
  • Paths-to-purchase for individual customers showing costs, revenue, and lifetime value
  • Key metrics for common paths and average time to convert
  • Cohort support using demographic data
Working Together

People + Data = Better

It’s our belief that marketing is better if people – and their experience, intuition, and gut – are involved with managing the data that comes from marketing attribution. Let’s not replace marketers with artificial intelligence but instead augment quality data analytics with human expertise. Compare your campaign results to industry benchmarks and leverage data for better marketing.

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