Marketing Analytics for Agencies

Be an industry leader helping your clients maximize return on ad spend using LeadsRx Attribution™ and LeadsRx Journey™.
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Your Agency and LeadsRx Analytics: A Winning Combination

We make it a priority to provide agencies with a dedicated analytics software solution, complete with marketing insights to optimize campaigns. We understand your unique needs when it comes to managing and analyzing attribution and customer journey data for your clients.

The Benefits of Analytics for Agencies

  • Foster Stronger Client Relationships

    • Know what is, and is not, working to garner more bang for your client’s buck
    • Show them the attribution and customer journey data to prove it
    • Increase your credibility by using marketing analytics to improve results for your clients
  • Quick and Easy Implementation

    • Easy deployment of an attribution and customer journey solution
    • No changes to your existing campaign structure, UTM codes, or conversion tracking
    • Optional onboarding service to get new client accounts set up quickly
  • Robust Conversion Tracking/Reporting

    • The LeadsRx Universal Pixel supports attribution of all digital and non-digital channels
    • Track 100% of touchpoints and conversions, even those you may not manage
    • Close the loop on customer journeys to maximize ROAS for clients

Co-Branded Marketing Opportunities

We love agencies and we are not shy in sharing our affection across the industry. Every agency is eligible to participate in our partner program and co-branded marketing initiatives, including press releases, webinars, podcasts, and online marketing campaigns. We have a few agency-related success stories on our case study page. We love the work agencies are doing, and we put our ad dollars behind showcasing our joint success stories.

When you look good, we look good.

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