General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Updated Feb 12th 2020

LeadsRx has reviewed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and at this time is in full compliance as a “Processor”. This means we are prepared to handle requests for data portability and data deletion at the request of our clients. The only identifying information LeadsRx natively collects is an IP address, which is stored in our cloud-based database, and we are depositing a cookie containing a unique value for each visitor to our clients’ websites. Since this information is considered as personally identifiable data by the GDPR, LeadsRx is requiring our clients to notify web visitors that such information is being collected and used. This requirement will become enforced beginning May 15, 2018. Other data can also be stored in the LeadsRx database, but this is completely under the control of our clients, also known as “Controllers”. If clients wish to collect and store this information, we recommend they notify web visitors of this as well in order to be in compliance with GDPR.

If you are a visitor to one of our clients’ websites and wish to have a copy of the data we collect about your visits, or, if you would like your information permanently removed from our databases, please submit a request to, along with the value of our cookie, which can be found in your browser’s cookie cache. The name of the cookie _lab, and if you need assistance finding its value, please reach out to the email address above. One of our customer service representatives will be able to help with this process.

Feel free to use our sample GDPR policy if the LeadsRx Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel is installed on your website.