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  • Jul 25, 2016
  • By Jeff Keenan
Last Click Wins. Not so Fast!!!!

Last click attribution has been around for centuries and everyone wants to take credit. Remember that ad someone clicked on 2 months ago, neither do we. Your ad serving company surely didn’t forget because they took credit for that conversion. Were there any other influences in that conversion path (the difference between single touch vs multi touch attribution)? Your ad serving company that won the last click would tell you NO!

As a savvy marketer you know there are several touch-points in your conversions but, how can you prove this with so many channels, so much data and so little time. Behold! One platform that aggregates a customer’s journey from online, phone calls, TV, Radio, trade shows and multi-device. Now we’re talking. Now think about all the conversions that last click won. It should seem outrageous that one vendor or service is taking credit because they had one little click.

How do you fix this? How do you give credit where credit is due?

The answer? You need to institute a multi-channel attribution tool that uses a universal tracking pixel. This tool is one of the most important investments in your marketing arsenal. Attribution tools will not only help you understand your customer’s journey, it will save you money and save face in the office. This is insurance for all the money you lay out each month to drive new conversions. In just two weeks of implementation you will have a new view on how customers interact and convert with your company. This is a very complex model and until recently only available to enterprises that shell out up to a hundred thousand dollars a year. As with anything in technology companies come along and disrupt the system. Now SMBs and enterprises can implement an attribution tool for 10x less than in years past and setup takes five minutes.

Who’s winning now? Last click? No…. YOU!