Multi-Touch Podcast Attribution

Take a multi-touch attribution approach to track your podcast advertising.

Analyzing the success or failure of advertisements

The LeadsRx approach differentiates itself by providing an off-the-shelf omni-channel solution for evaluating the performance of podcast advertising in conjunction with all other marketing channels – digital ads, broadcast commercials, and even direct mail. By looking holistically at all channels together, including your podcast ads, you get an impartial view of the customer journey and insights into how well your podcast ads are performing in a true multi-touch attribution environment.

How does it work?

By utilizing our enterprise-level multi-touch attribution solution, marketers can quickly identify which advertising channels are the most effective in converting customers.

Our proprietary Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel™ identifies the entire customer journey for both online and offline events. Touchpoints are captured when prospects visit web pages, participate in marketing campaigns, view impressions of ads, hear radio and podcast ads, view TV ads, and generally move through the sales funnel. From the moment our pixel has been installed on your website, the LeadsRx platform immediately begins collecting data on all of your inbound digital marketing programs. And with our Open API architecture, we can also track offline conversions from podcast CTAs such as phone calls and SMS conversions

An extension of LeadsRx multi-touch attribution

How do we “connect the dots” between a podcast ad that leads to an in-store or online visit that ends up as a conversion?
  1. When an individual downloads or streams a podcast episode, LeadsRx receives information from the podcast server that anonymously identifies the individual.
  2. Depending on how and where the podcast is consumed, identifiers may include an IP address, timestamp, episode ID, ad ID and/or an advertising ID from the individual’s mobile device, known as “Mobile Advertising IDs.
  3. LeadsRx stores this information and compares it against our proprietary identity graph, which contains more than 1.5 billion identities
  4. Our podcast capabilities traverse the entire LeadsRx features in terms of conversion tracking.
  5. Optimization insights are made available in real-time allowing for in-flight marketing changes to podcast ad campaigns leveraging digital ad insertion (DAI).

Web-lift and Sales-lift attribution

Move from measuring the cost of podcast ads to the financial return on those ads.

Web-lift attribution works great for optimizing the dimensions of your podcast campaigns. Day part, day of week, channel, creative, geographic market, offers and many other elements — all related directly to the podcast channel — can be improved with web-lift attribution


Sales-lift attribution covers all the great things about web-lift based attribution for podcasts — like the ability to optimize across all of the same dimensions (channel, creative, etc.)

Podcast advertising is incorporated into the attribution data and insights

Through insights from multi-touch attribution, you will know which of your advertising campaigns – podcast ads included – are working and, more importantly, which are not. Armed with this unbiased attribution data, you can optimize your campaigns for return on ad spend – a critical KPI every advertiser needs to be focused on.

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