LeadsRx Customer Journey™

Optimize conversion paths across marketing programs and content with customer attribution. Use consumer data to understand how customers build relationships with your brand.
Finding Insights

The Benefits of LeadsRx Journey™

  • Uphold Customer Privacy

    • Capture first-party, anonymous data about visitors to your website
    • Uphold compliancy with GDPR, CCPA, and your own ethics
    • Build your own “walled garden” of first-party data with nothing ever shared across domains
  • See Paths to Purchase

    • View individual paths to purchase to understand how consumers interact with marketing and content
    • Monitor costs and revenue at the individual customer level
    • Unify journeys across browsers, apps, and devices with built-in identity resolution
  • Optimize Journeys for Conversions

    • Review aggregated metrics for average conversion times by conversion type
    • See marketing programs that commonly work well together to drive conversions
    • Discover “power programs” consumers favor for faster conversion

A private walled garden for protecting consumers data.

It’s more important than ever to take every possible measure to protect and defend individuals’ rights. That’s why LeadsRx has never sold, bartered, or exchanged data in any manner. And we never will.

Using our Universal Pixel™, you have the ability to capture consumer data using first-party, server-based control, without relying on third-party cookies. Our purpose-built identity graph safely stores information you share in your own virtual “walled garden.” Data won’t be shared across domains.

Customer journey analytics (CJA) gives you deep insight into individual consumer behavior while finding commonalities across consumers. The end result is a keen ability to orchestrate better journeys that meet customer expectations while efficiently and effectively driving conversions.

  • Use the Pixel to capture 100% of in-bound traffic to your website. Watch this quick video that explains how the LeadsRx Universal Pixel™ works.
  • Anonymize IP addresses at the point they are captured
  • Capture information about geo-location, browser and app data, as well as basic device specifications
  • Store first-party data within an identity graph for use within your own domain
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