Privacy Studio™

Take a privacy-first approach to data with the help of your IT team

A Data Clean Room Framework

Marketing analytics continues to be a driving force behind ad spend optimization, revenue generation, and profit creation. Because these systems need to capture data about individual customer paths-to-purchase, it’s important to architect a system that allows data governance according to corporate policy and make “privacy first” a reality.

LeadsRx Privacy Studio™ is a framework that establishes a Data Clean Room and puts IT teams in control of where and how collected data is stored. Corporate policy for privacy, user consent, and access become cornerstones of the system with IT squarely at the helm.

Data Analysis

Use the Cloud Service of Your Choice

Your Data Clean Room belongs to you, and as such, it can be created in a public or private cloud service that meets your corporate policy. And, if managing your own data store seems daunting, LeadsRx can perform systems administration on your behalf.

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