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  • Learn about a privacy-first approach to protecting consumer data
  • Capture data across marketing channels including digital, broadcast, OTT, podcast, and more
  • Use existing campaign structure and tracking parameters
  • Leverage the power of a built-in identity resolution
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Roy M
“I like how granular their insights and reporting gets. It paints a detailed picture on the customer journey and each touchpoint within.”
Roy M, LeadsRx Customer

LeadsRx Customers Sparking Marketing Performance

  • “I have several clients using LeadsRx and each are impressed with the breadth of the solution, the user interface and the company has great customer support.”
    Managing Director, Digital Markting Agency
  • “This is exactly what I need to show my CEO and Board of Directors.”
    CMO, Financial Services
  • “The insights have been very helpful in showing me where my leads are coming from, giving me the ability to see where I need to put more effort.”
    Founder, Ecommerce Store

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