About LeadsRx Attribution

At LeadsRx, we are imbued with technology, obsessed with customer success, and impartial in our advancement of marketing technology. We partner to provide more than just marketing attribution – we deliver insights from data to improve marketing performance.
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    Our Vision

    We enable global and local brands to grow their business with a customer intelligence practice that puts the customer at the center of everything they do.
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    Our Mission

    At the core of our philosophy is an ethos of impartiality, a constant commitment to protect consumer privacy, and the notion that quality data analytics + human experience will drive better. decisions.

Core Values

  • Increase Return On
    Ad Spend
    ROAS is the holy grail of marketing measurement
    Increase Return On
    Ad Spend
    Impartial data answers the age-old question, “Where should I invest more money?” By evaluating marketing costs against achieved revenue, ROAS analysis shows the impact marketing delivers.
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs
    In the quest for more customers, there’s no room for wasted ad spend.
    Lower Customer Acquisition Costs
    Over-investing to attain customers is commonplace, especially when new, appealing channels emerge. Remove human bias by putting proper measurement in place from the get-go so you can see if a new channel is indeed working, or at least working in conjunction with another channel, to raise awareness and lead to conversions.
  • Improve
    Lifetime Value
    Understand which type of marketing program is most effective
    Lifetime Value
    Increasing revenue from existing customers is typically more cost-effective than acquiring new customers; but that may not always be the case. The reality is marketing reaches both existing and potential customers, so impartial measurement that shows which campaigns are working with each customer type is important knowledge to have.
  • Persistent
    A constant practice of measurement and improvement is key.
    From fickle consumer behavior; to new marketing channels; to upheaval from world events, perseverance with your messaging is a core requirement for reaching your target market.

Partners in Your Success

We think of ourselves as more than a marketing attribution company. We are partners to our customers and to our agency customers’ clients to increase marketing performance. We take privacy very seriously and offer ways to ensure customer data is kept safe and secure.
  • Attribution for Agencies

    We make it a priority to provide agencies with a dedicated agency attribution software solution, complete with marketing insights to optimize campaigns.
  • LeadsRx Privacy Studio™

    LeadsRx Privacy Studio™ is a framework that establishes a Data Clean Room and puts IT teams in control of where and how collected data is stored.

It’s Our Passion

LeadsRx is proud to have worked with some of the largest brands in the world as well as some of the smallest local businesses. The key challenges are universal: understanding which marketing programs are best at acquiring and retaining customers, and knowing how to adapt marketing programs to changing market needs.