LeadsRx Marketing Attribution Packages

Affordable Pricing and quick onboarding means higher ROI

LeadsRx Attribution™ meets the needs of large and global marketing organizations with full-funnel, cross channel attribution modeling. Both online and offline touchpoints can be included such as digital ads, email marketing, direct mail, broadcast advertising, and more. Virtually any conversion point can be tracked using our Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel or our API.

LeadsRx Broadcast Attribution™ is designed for performing a deep-dive into radio and television attribution. Leveraging data collected by Google Analytics, LeadsRx Broadcast Attribution is great for historical analysis as well as into the future, and the product provides reports for lift analysis, decay curves, and up to 11 different segmentations.

If you're using Shopify for your online store, there is a free version of LeadsRx to get you started with basic attribution. LeadsRx AdSpend Monitor™ give you many of our great features and analyzes non-paid touchpoints including organic search, referred visits, and direct traffic.

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Free attribution for Shopify

LeadsRx AdSpend Monitor for Shopify


  • Instant install for Shopify stores - see results immediately
  • Attribution for all non-paid marketing touchpoints including organic search, referred visits, and direct traffic
  • Real-time attribution modeling using a variety of techniques
  • Revenue attribution to see which channels produce highest order amount
  • Customer journey maps showing all touchpoints and content viewed
Full attribution

LeadsRx Attribution

$500 per monthper 500,000 Monthly Tracking Events*

  • Real-time attribution modeling for 100% of your marketing touchpoints and conversions
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) analysis showing cost versus revenue by channel or touchpoint
  • Customer journey mapping with progressive profiles and demographic segmentation
  • Integrations with popular systems including Salesforce, Shopify, CallRail, HubSpot, and more
  • Attribution for offline data such as tradeshow lists, direct mail, etc. (extra charge for broadcast)
  • API access for richer conversion tracking
Attribution radio and tv

LeadsRx Broadcast Attribution

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  • Fully integrated with Google Analytics for all data collection
  • Use a flexible response-window time to capture full attribution for all dayparts
  • Incorporate decay curve modeling to capture "the second breath"
  • Leverage third-party demographic data for richer insights
  • Upload as-run spot logs or provide a direct data feed
  • Quick and easy on-boarding provides results in just minutes
  • Produce and annotate PDF reports for easy sharing with clients and internal teams
* Monthly Tracking Events (MTEs) include: total page views tracked by LeadsRx, plus the number of conversions, plus a percentage of ad impressions if this feature is used. MTEs are calculated on a rolling 30-day period. Pricing can be fixed for term contracts of 12 months or more.