LeadsRx Marketing Attribution Packages

Affordable pricing and quick onboarding means higher ROI

Marketing attribution software solves an important problem by making sure your budgets are well-spent and properly allocated. And, with pricing starting at just $500 per month, LeadsRx offers a solution that meets the budgetary needs for a wide range of enterprises.

Getting started with LeadsRx is quick and easy with the option for self-service onboarding or a paid program where trained professionals will share best practices, assist in setting up conversions, QA your website, and more.

Get in touch or request a quick demonstration of LeadsRx to learn more about our various pricing options.

Top features for enterprise attribution

  • Real-time attribution modeling for 100% of all marketing touchpoints and conversions
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) analysis showing cost versus revenue by channel or touchpoint
  • Customer journey mapping with progressive profiles and demographic segmentation
  • Incorporate TV, radio, and OTT advertising
  • Integrations with popular systems including Salesforce, Shopify, CallRail, HubSpot, and more
  • Attribution for offline data such as tradeshow lists, direct mail, etc.
  • API access for richer conversion tracking
  • Unlimited tracking for touchpoints, web pages, content directories, conversions, and more

Get the right product for your needs

  • LeadsRx Attribution™
    Multitouch, cross-channel attribution across the entire sales funnel. Request a demo
  • LeadsRx Broadcast Attribution™
    Weblift analysis using Google Analytics data including historical data. More information
  • LeadsRx Attribution Monitor™
    Attribution for basic sales channels designed exclusively for Shopify storefronts. Learn more