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LeadsRx is a complete marketing analytics platform with attribution, customer journey mapping, calculations for Return on Ad Spend, and more. With a privacy-first approach to capturing unified journeys across devices, browsers, and apps, LeadsRx uses a proprietary identity graph to ensure consumer data is protected and never shared across domains.

Pricing for LeadsRx is generally based on the amount of website traffic and number of conversions that are captured. Special pricing is offered to marketing agencies and to non-profits. Contact a LeadsRx sales professional to learn more.


Premium Support is a white-glove service designed to help marketing teams use the best practices for incorporating analytics. With industry-leading response times, phone and email support, named contacts and a host of other value-add benefits, LeadsRx becomes an invaluable partner in your success. Our dedicated support staff is available when you need them to insure you get the most out of your LeadsRx attribution solution.

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Combining human intelligence and experience with LeadsRx impartial attribution software unlocks even greater optimization potential.


The Insights Service is designed to help clients find actionable data to optimize their marketing campaigns. Industry leading best practices and proven methodologies will be applied to extract statistically significant optimization recommendations. Clients can rely on their LeadsRx Attribution Specialist to review their data and provide consistent CMO level analysis.

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The Onboarding Service is designed to help clients establish an accurate attribution model for one LeadsRx Universal Tracking Pixel. A dedicated Attribution Specialist implements a rigorous step-by-step process to capture and execute the client’s marketing goals. All features available from LeadsRx are explored, deployed, and configured properly for attribution.

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