LeadsRx Expands International Business with First Reseller – Brazil-based Puzzle Ads

Portland, Ore., and Florianópolis, BRA, March 24, 2020 –  LeadsRx, a marketing attribution software company, has expanded internationally with its first reseller, Puzzle Ads. This move is in response to a growing interest in impartial marketing analytics outside the U.S., especially in Brazil, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Marketers and advertisers in these regions are responding to the pressure to prove Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) numbers for their businesses.

Puzzle Ads is the first vendor to offer LeadsRx impartial multi-touch attribution to marketers and advertisers in Brazil. The company offers a full-service capability including ad placement and attribution for advertisers who until now struggled to have the transparency and accountability required to achieve the best return on investment for their advertising budgets.

“LeadsRx marketing attribution technology is unrivaled in the industry,” said, Inês Pimpão, Operations Manager of Puzzle Ads. “The LeadsRx Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel™ sets it apart from other solutions in the marketplace by providing a single technology for tracking all digital touchpoints and offline programs too. Incorporating this approach into our trade desk capabilities offers Brazilian companies the best solution for maximizing ad spend in a cross-channel approach.” 

LeadsRx Attribution™ helps marketers connect the dots between cross-channel marketing programs and new customer acquisition. It gives them a deep understanding about the customer journey across all communications channels and touchpoints. The ultimate goal for all marketers is to get their message in front of a target audience using the right marketing channels, at the right time, and when people are likely to make a purchase. Importantly, LeadsRx provides marketers the real-time analytic evidence and the precise insights of how advertising is performing so that marketers can take immediate action to maximize ROAS.

“With LeadsRx we now have access to real-time attribution data that allows Puzzle Ads advertisers to optimize their campaigns across all marketing channels – something that we see few advertisers doing with agility and assertiveness in Brazil” said João Amaral, Sales Manager of Puzzle Ads. “As we reviewed all the options, we recognized immediately the benefits of LeadsRx marketing attribution software and its strong suitability with the particularities of the Brazilian market.”

By having access to real-time data through LeadsRx attribution software, Puzzle Ads and its clients can leverage that data to optimize ad campaigns deployed across its trade desk capabilities. The combination of these two technologies not only exposes which advertising efforts are producing the best results but gives insights into how to leverage other ad buying opportunities as soon as the very next day.

“Puzzle Ads is ahead of the curve, realizing the vast potential that marketing attribution holds for advertisers,” says AJ Brown, CEO and cofounder of LeadsRx. “They have a unique ability for advertising, particularly with their trade desk capabilities, and  we knew they would be an ideal first reseller to expand our marketing attribution platform internationally.” 

For more information about LeadsRx and international opportunities contact info@leadsrx.com.

About Puzzle Ads

Puzzle Ads is a trading desk specialized in multi-touch attribution. With access to research, programmatic and attribution technologies, Puzzle Ads provides the Brazilian market with digital media planning and buying services. All of this with a clear purpose: to allow marketers to defend the impact of media investments on the results of their business. To learn more, visit puzzleads.com.br.

About LeadsRx

A fast innovator and a marketer’s choice for 3,500-plus global and local brands, LeadsRx is an unrivaled multi-touch attribution SaaS platform. Powered by a unique Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel™, LeadsRx provides an impartial view of customer journeys, giving each advertising touchpoint proper weight and credit including broadcast media. Founded by marketers, LeadsRx enables companies of any size to elevate marketing performance in a framework that is easily understood delivering sustainable return on ad spend (ROAS). To learn more about how LeadsRx can support you in marketing transformation visit LeadsRx.com. Connect with LeadsRx on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

About LeadsRx

Guided by an ethos of impartiality, consumer privacy, and quality first-party data, LeadsRx provides SaaS software and services that has helped marketers at more than 5,000 global and local brands and agencies increase customer acquisition efficiency, grow lifetime value, and identify wasted ad spend. LeadsRx foundational technology is our unique Universal Pixel™ that has collected more than 2.0 billion personas for anonymous individuals – not personal identities, but the characteristics or demographic attributes that make up the type of customer or customers represented by their digital experience across devices, browsers, and apps. To learn more about how LeadsRx can support you in marketing transformation visit LeadsRx.com. Connect with LeadsRx on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.

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