LeadsRx Builds on Marketing Attribution Expertise with New Management Positions

Portland, Ore., October 22, 2019: In response to heavy demand for its products and services, LeadsRx, a marketing attribution software company, has filled three strategic marketing attribution leadership positions. The additions underscore the rapid expansion of marketing attribution as a key initiative across a wide variety of industries and positions LeadsRx with a strong ability to execute and earn greater market share.

Larry Todd promoted to Vice President, Worldwide Sales
Larry Todd has been promoted to Vice President, Worldwide Sales for LeadsRx. Larry has more than 10-years of experience building relationships and solving key business problems for companies including Sprint, Alfresco Software, and Salesforce. In his two years serving as LeadsRx Director of Sales, Larry demonstrated stellar senior management abilities and a continued commitment to grow its customer base, helping to solidify the company’s position as an emerging leader of marketing attribution technology.

Alex Weisbecker named Director of Attribution Analytics
Marketing attribution, a way of quantifying the effect of advertising on revenue, has rapidly evolved to become a critical marketing tool for companies of all sizes. However, marketing teams often struggle to realize the full “insights” they receive in the sea of data. Too often, marketing teams back away from what appears to be a statistical blur of data, leading to inaction instead of making the practical changes they need to improve the impact and effectiveness of advertising.

To address these challenges, LeadsRx hired data analytics expert Alex Weisbecker as Director of Attribution Analytics. In his role, Alex will help marketers derive the full potential of marketing attribution technology by providing deep-dive studies for global brands and small businesses alike.

With a passion for data analysis, Alex had previously built the marketing attribution practice for shoe insole company Protalus, where he was Director of Digital and Marketing Analytics. Alex is uniquely qualified in understanding the data science in marketing attribution, recognizing the high stakes that are involved when analyzing data to make strategic decisions that guide marketing and advertising programs.

“I joined LeadsRx because no attribution vendor is taking care of marketers and agencies the way we can with LeadsRx Attribution™ software and services,” says Alex. “Our new service offering around deep-dive attribution analytics and the application of marketing attribution best-practices underscores our commitment to helping customers realize the highest impact from attribution initiatives and to maximize their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Lucas Sommer named Director of Marketing
LeadsRx also announces the appointment of Lucas Sommer to Director of Marketing, a position that will drive thought leadership and the advancement of marketing attribution at large. With a focus on crafting a narrative about attribution successes, Lucas will be an industry expert and resource.

Lucas has extensive experience helping companies manage and scale their cross-channel marketing campaigns, having been an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert for several years. In this new role at LeadsRx, Lucas will help evangelize that benefits of marketing attribution to deliver and maximize ROAS.

“I am extremely excited about this new position because it provides a unique opportunity to use our attribution modeling to optimize our own cross-channel campaigns alongside those of our clients,” Lucas explains. “LeadsRx has an industry leading solution for B2B and B2C marketing, and I look forward to leveraging our customers’ stellar results to show the world what’s truly possible with marketing attribution.”

About LeadsRx
LeadsRx offers a cross-channel marketing attribution SaaS platform that has been used by more than 20,000 businesses around the world. The company’s attribution software provides marketers an unparalleled, unified view of campaign performance across advertising mediums throughout the entire customer journey. Marketers who use LeadsRx reduce customer acquisition costs to improve overall return on ad spend and bottom-line profit. Consumers benefit by seeing fewer, more-relevant advertising from brands. More information can be found on the company’s website at LeadsRx.com.

About LeadsRx

Guided by an ethos of impartiality, consumer privacy, and quality first-party data, LeadsRx provides SaaS software and services that has helped marketers at more than 5,000 global and local brands and agencies increase customer acquisition efficiency, grow lifetime value, and identify wasted ad spend. LeadsRx foundational technology is our unique Universal Pixel™ that has collected more than 2.0 billion personas for anonymous individuals – not personal identities, but the characteristics or demographic attributes that make up the type of customer or customers represented by their digital experience across devices, browsers, and apps. To learn more about how LeadsRx can support you in marketing transformation visit LeadsRx.com. Connect with LeadsRx on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.

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