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What makes LeadsRx different from other attribution platforms?

One Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel

Maybe you've tried using conversion tracking pixels from various ad serving vendors like Google, Facebook, and AdRoll. If you have, you know how difficult it can be to arbitrate between the various platforms, each taking full credit for a conversion. And for online stores, you also know these pixels count orders multiple times when consumers re-visit confirmation pages, click on confirmation emails, and check order status.

LeadsRx has its own single, super-pixel. Our Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel works with all advertising sources and all conversions. There's never the need to arbitrate between vendors, and, our pixel is "eCommerce aware", automatically preventing duplicate orders from being counted. You can easily install the LeadsRx universal tracking pixel directly on your website, or, drop it into a tag manager to be up and running in minutes.

Universal pixel

Real-Time Attribution

Behind LeadsRx is a powerful data warehouse that makes it possible to switch between various attribution models in real time and see which gives insights most appropriate to your marketing efforts. We offer a variety of attribution models including Algorithmic Attribution that learns about the unique patterns found for your business over time.

LeadsRx also collects attribution results in real-time making it possible to make immediate changes to your marketing in an agile fashion. There's no waiting for batch uploads or data analysis. Results are at your fingertips when you need them.

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Offline attribution

Broadcast and Offline Attribution

From radio and television commercials to tradeshows and seminars, offline touchpoints are handled by LeadsRx with equal representation in all analytics and reports. Our Fuzzy Attribution™ model was specifically designed for the complex needs of broadcast advertising, and support for Toll-Free Numbers (TFNs) is built right in. Read more about LeadsRx for broadcast attribution in this quick overview.

For other types of offline attribution, the LeadsRx system allows you to upload CSV files or use our webhook interface for sending data directly to our back-end engine. Incorporate direct mailing lists, tradeshow attendees, and even farmed sales leads. Integrate LeadsRx with point-of-sale and call centers for complete end-to-end attribution.

Content Marketing Attribution

Unlike other attribution software products, LeadsRx includes powerful analysis of all your content. Find out which product categories or blog articles contribute most to sales. Link in web pages, community forums, press releases, and other content directories to finally get the answer to which content is important and which to pair back.

  • Use content attribution to remove clutter and focus buyer attention on making purchases
  • Give feedback to blog authors to encourage better articles more relevant to your buyers
  • Learn which products are viewed prior to conversion and add optimizations that increase conversions
Content attribution

Marketing Attribution That's Integrated With Other Enterprise Software

LeadsRx works with a variety of marketing systems to track inbound and outbound programs, push data to your CRM, log in-bound phone conversions, and even present different content based on past conversions. Learn specifics about our integrations to build out a complete attribution stack.


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