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Get more leads and sales

Find out which touchpoints and content result in requests for sales contact and closed deals. Optimize direct response and branding campaigns. Perform A/B tests across channels.

Improve return on ad spend

Eliminate wasted ad spend. Allocate budget to programs that work. See the impact of ad spend on the entire sales funnel. See which channels produce the highest-paying customers.

View customer journeys

Learn how prospects build relationships with your brand. View every touchpoint, the cost, and the reward. Optimize engagement value points. Look across journeys for Account Based Marketing.

The LeadsRx Difference

Built for Simplicity

Install the LeadsRx pixel using any tag manager or directly on your website. See results immediately.

One Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel

Our Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel is a super-pixel and works with all advertising sources and all conversions. There's never the need to arbitrate between vendors, and the pixel is "eCommerce aware", automatically preventing duplicated orders from being counted.

Real-Time Attribution

LeadsRx presents attribution results in real-time making it possible to make in-flight changes to your marketing in an agile fashion. There's no waiting for batch uploads or data analysis. Behind LeadsRx is a powerful data warehouse that makes it possible to switch between various attribution models in real time and see which gives insights most appropriate to your type of marketing.

Broadcast Attribution

Attributing long-lead conversions to radio and television is based on a flexible yet powerful algorithm that uses response windows, impressions, and predictive analysis. Unique LeadsRx "second breath of broadcast" attribution uses custom decay curves to ensure full value is captured for this important channel.

Car Dealer Attribution

While more than 85% of car buyers browse online, most sales of vehicles still occur offline in the dealer's showroom. LeadsRx supports known and anonymous attribution modeling to provide much needed insight into what's truly driving sales. And, our unique "thank you email" helps dealerships convert anonymous sales to known ones even after the sale.

Attribution Segmentation

See the marketing programs that contribute to conversions based on seven different attribution models. Group by channels or switch to see which content attribution to see how Content Marketing strategies are working.

  • 7 different real-time attribution models
  • Segmentation by program, channel, or content
  • Isolate individual conversions or view aggregated results
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Attribution segmentation
Touchpoint performance

Touchpoint Performance

Keep an eye on individual marketing programs to see how they are performing. Monitor ad impressions, clicks, and resulting long-lead conversions. Aggregate results by day, day of week, or hour of the day to know how to best allocate budgets.

  • Impressions, clicks, and conversions all on one report
  • Measure the value of specific programs and efforts in real-time
  • A/B testing as measured by results and not just clicks
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Integrated throughout your Martech stack

LeadsRx works with a variety of marketing systems to track inbound and outbound programs, push data to your CRM, log in-bound phone conversions, and even present different content based on past conversions.

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