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One, universal attribution pixel for all marketing touchpoints and conversions

Finally, the right tool to get the job done

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One, universal attribution pixel for all marketing touchpoints and conversions

Finally, the right tool to get the job done

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Looking for a marketing crystal ball?

If you're like most marketers, you'd probably like to know the secret to increasing sales and attracting more customers. Maybe you've tried Google Analytics or all those conversion pixels from Facebook, AdWords, and the others. Did you get clear, un-biased insights? Did it seem like you still needed a crystal ball to find your answer?

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eCommerce: Increase online sales just by reallocating your existing ad spend

Maximizing sales means connecting the dots between marketing touchpoints and actual buyers of your products, not just visitors to your store. To know what's working and what's not, LeadsRx marketing attribution software constantly monitors your online store to learn the patterns and trends that lead to sales. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn the basics.

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Enterprise: Get more sales leads and customers by knowing the road to success

Every marketer wants to know how their best customers come to find their business. With LeadsRx, every touchpoint is mapped across the entire customer journey so that credit can be given to each touchpoint when it's due. No matter what your customer journey entails, LeadsRx will find all touchpoints, track them, and tell you which are the most influential to your buyers.

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Using Shopify? Get started with attribution in less than 30 seconds

No one wants software that takes days to set up or weeks to see results. That's why you can get started with LeadsRx for your Shopify store in less than 30 seconds. Install the LeadsRx AdSpend Monitor app, and that's it. Really.

Not using Shopify? That's ok... we have integrations with lots of eCommerce platforms, and all it takes is a quick install of our Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel to get the ball rolling. Our on-boarding team will help with the rest, and in just a matter of time you'll be attributing sales to marketing touchpoints and learning more about what works and what doesn't.

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Why Use LeadsRx?

Companies that use LeadsRx can increase sales and reduce acquisition costs to improve overall Return on Ad Spend... and the bottom line.

More than 16,000 accounts have used LeadsRx

Marketing attribution has moved into the mainstream with thousands of companies having used LeadsRx marketing attribution software tools to monitor customer acquisition events. From large multichannel advertisers to first-time advertisers, marketers around the world are making attribution part of their core marketing technology stack.

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Marketing attribution software tools from LeadsRx will help connect the dots between advertising, content, and customer acquisition events. From eCommerce stores to cargo shipping service providers, senior living centers, and local businesses, our customers span the gamut of organizations that are optimizing ad spend for the very best returns.

How LeadsRx Works

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According to Gartner, attribution modeling can yield 20-30% improvement in customer acquisition by helping you optimize media spend. The right solution requires analyzing marketing programs that touch prospects through the entire sales funnel and across all touchpoints. Sound complicated? Not with LeadsRx attribution tools.

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