Quick, Affordable Marketing Attribution

Quick and affordable marketing attribution

Deploy real-time attribution modeling using a single, universal tracking pixel in minutes. Track digital touchpoints, broadcast advertising, direct mail — everything in a single platform.

Enterprise Caliber

Cross-channel, full-funnel marketing attribution for any size enterprise. View customer journey maps and push profiles to Salesforce. Integrate call data, direct mail, prospecting, and more.

eCommerce Ready

Integrated with Shopify and other leading eCommerce platforms. Compare attributed revenue to advertising costs. See which channels attract the best customers.

Broadcast Attribution

Compare radio and television to digital. A/B test campaign messages, programming, dayparts, and more. Credit long-tail conversions to broadcast advertising.

Agency Friendly

One dashboard for all clients with easy onboarding. Give read-only access to clients or create PDF reports of results. Consolidated accounting for reduced costs.

For the Enterprise: Attribute sales leads and new customers to marketing programs

LeadsRx maps each step of a prospect's journey to becoming a customer. From initial outreach, through nurturing programs, and even all steps in the sales pipeline, LeadRx marketing attribution identifies each touchpoint using a universal tracking pixel that automatically learns about your specific marketing programs.

Attribution for the Enterprise
Customer journey transparency
Allocate ad spend

For eCommerce: Increase online sales just by reallocating your existing ad spend

Maximizing sales means connecting the dots between marketing touchpoints and actual buyers of your products, not just visitors to your store. To know what's working and what's not, LeadsRx marketing attribution modeling constantly monitors your online store to learn the patterns and trends that lead to sales. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn the basics.

Attribution for eCommerce

Why Use LeadsRx?

Companies that use LeadsRx are perfecting their strategic customer acquisition skills while increasing sales and reducing acquisition costs.

More than 18,000 accounts have used LeadsRx

Marketing attribution modeling has moved into the mainstream with thousands of companies having used LeadsRx to understand attribution and what delivers success. From large multichannel advertisers to first-time advertisers, enterprises around the world are making marketing attribution a strategic initiative that spans all functional organizations.

Do more with LeadsRx

Marketing attribution software from LeadsRx connects the dots between advertising, content, and customer acquisition events. From eCommerce to cargo shipping service providers, senior living centers, and local businesses, our customers span the gamut of organizations that are optimizing ad spend for the very best returns.

How LeadsRx Works

Listen to the experts

According to Gartner, marketing attribution modeling can yield 20-30% improvement in customer acquisition by helping you optimize media spend. The right solution requires analyzing marketing programs that touch prospects through the entire sales funnel and across all touchpoints. Sound complicated? Not with LeadsRx attribution software.

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