LeadsRx Expands International Business with European Reseller – MarketForce

Portland, Ore., and Slough, UK, August 4, 2020 –  LeadsRx, a marketing attribution company, has expanded its international reach with its first reseller in Europe, MarketForce, Inc., a leading performance marketing agency. With this relationship, MarketForce will be the exclusive vendor to offer LeadsRx impartial multi-touch attribution to marketers and advertisers throughout Europe.

Marketing attribution is the science of associating a business’s revenue to the marketing costs incurred to achieve that revenue. Often complicated, expensive, or impossible to be performed by humans, attribution is increasingly becoming a necessity for businesses large and small as they struggle with shrinking budgets and uncertain or unproven marketing options. LeadsRx has developed software that delivers marketing attribution capabilities in a cloud-computing environment, available to use on a subscription basis.

MarketForce has been a user of the LeadsRx marketing attribution system for more than three years, working with their eCommerce clients based in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Now, the agency has agreed to be the exclusive vendor of LeadsRx in Europe and will offer technical support and setup services as well as other value-added services for businesses of all disciplines and sizes.  

“We are extremely happy to be working with MarketForce across Europe to expand the reach of marketing attribution in these important markets,” said AJ Brown, co-founder and CEO of LeadsRx. “Their proven expertise helping businesses grow through the use of marketing attribution and advanced analytics is unmatched, and European businesses will quickly benefit.”

MarketForce uses the LeadsRx Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel™ and Open Attribution API (application programming interface) to enrich their own proprietary analytics with attribution. By using the LeadsRx API, MarketForce seamlessly brings attribution data into their own custom client reporting. These additional attribution insights provide intuitive campaign performance recommendations in real-time allowing MarketForce and its clients to improve their return on ad spend (ROAS).

“We feel LeadsRx provides best in class marketing attribution technology and are excited to be delivering a complete solution to the European market,” said Jeff Dahlby, President of MarketForce. “We believe that by offering a tailored solution of analytic insights, advertising services, and LeadsRx technology, MarketForce will continue its leadership in helping global businesses improve their eCommerce through disciplined marketing.”

The Need for Marketing Analytics

According to the Deloitte Innovation in Europe report, 69 percent of companies surveyed have invested in data analytics with 29 percent planning to invest in data analytics in the next two years. In working with several European companies over the last few years, LeadsRx also found that data science is a common discipline and often sought-after skillset in European organizations. As a result, value-added services offered by MarketForce will be essential for these businesses looking for deeper, more robust, insights in marketing attribution.

“Many European companies have an affinity for data analytics and mastering data science, which is a great basis for applying LeadsRx marketing attribution and MarketForce’s services,” says data analytics expert Alex Weisbecker, Director of Attribution Analytics at LeadsRx. “As marketers and advertisers in Europe respond to the growing demand to prove ROI, they are looking to impartial attribution to both measure and improve their return on ad spend. With this partnership, MarketForce’s expertise can help advertisers even further by extracting attribution insights, leading to the correct conclusions to increase campaign performance.”

With this partnership, MarketForce’s Matt Finn, Marketing Director for EMEA, and Chris Short, Director of Analytics, will head up business development throughout Europe.  For more information about the MarketForce and LeadsRx partnership please contact Christopher Birkholm, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at MarketForce Inc.

About MarketForce

Founded in 2004, MarketForce has played a leading role in the evolution of eCommerce marketing.  MarketForce provides a broad suite of services, including acquisition marketing, conversion optimization, creative development, customer retention, and advanced analytics capabilities.  With teams located in the US, UK, Germany and Hong Kong, MarketForce uniquely combines their data driven strategies with geo-specific marketing knowledge to enable companies to expand their marketing ecosystem and global footprint.  From Fortune 100 companies to start-ups, MarketForce has consistently delivered innovative solutions that exceed its clients’ expectations. Connect with MarketForce on Facebook and LinkedIn.

About LeadsRx

A fast innovator and a marketer’s choice for 4,000-plus global and local brands, LeadsRx is an unrivaled multi-touch attribution SaaS platform. Powered by a unique Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel™, LeadsRx provides an impartial view of customer journeys, giving each advertising touchpoint proper weight and credit including broadcast media. Founded by marketers, LeadsRx enables companies of any size to elevate marketing performance in a framework that is easily understood delivering sustainable return on ad spend (ROAS). To learn more about how LeadsRx can support you in marketing transformation visit LeadsRx.com. Connect with LeadsRx on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

About LeadsRx

Guided by an ethos of impartiality, consumer privacy, and quality first-party data, LeadsRx provides SaaS software and services that has helped marketers at more than 5,000 global and local brands and agencies increase customer acquisition efficiency, grow lifetime value, and identify wasted ad spend. LeadsRx foundational technology is our unique Universal Pixel™ that has collected more than 2.0 billion personas for anonymous individuals – not personal identities, but the characteristics or demographic attributes that make up the type of customer or customers represented by their digital experience across devices, browsers, and apps. To learn more about how LeadsRx can support you in marketing transformation visit LeadsRx.com. Connect with LeadsRx on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.

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