How Attribution Works

It might seem hard to believe you can be up and running with an attribution system in just a few days, but that’s the reality with LeadsRx. Our system was specifcially designed to be quick and easy to onboard, and the LeadsRx Support Team is always here for questions.



Use the LeadsRx Open Attribution API to track custom events and for enterprise dashboards


Incorporate offline events like tradeshows, in-person meetings, and in-store sales


Track Google Ads, Facebook, and 100% of digital channels using the LeadsRx Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel™


Attribute radio, TV, OTT, streaming, and podcasts nationally and in
local markets


Use in-app events to measure installs, conversions and touchpoints


Track both inbound and outbound phone calls as well as SMS campaigns

the leadsrx universal conversion tracking pixel™

One pixel picks up 100% of your marketing programs and conversions. Implementation takes place in less than ten business days, and ad optimization can begin within your first month.



Day One


Install the Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel

One Pixel… For Everything

The LeadsRx Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel is all you need to track 100% of in-bound marketing programs and all conversion points. Install the pixel on every page of your website directly or through any tag manager.


Start Tracking

Immediate Real-Time Tracking

The LeadsRx Pixel begins learning about your marketing programs the very second it’s installed. Sit back and relax. It’s working.


Set Up Conversions

Business Outcomes Captured

Conversion events include form completions, sales, in-bound phone calls, and any outcome you want to measure and attribute. Set these up in the LeadsRx system using a variety of pre-built methods or use our API.

Day Two


Assign Groupings

Summarized Groupings

Groupings allow you to categorize marketing touchpoints into channels, programs, or other logical collections. Decide what groupings you want to use and assign touchpoints to these as they’re found by the LeadsRx Universal Pixel.

Day Three


Review Results

Easy to Understand Dashboard

Take a look at your LeadsRx dashboard to see conversions being captured. The attribution segmentation report shows which touchpoints contribute to conversions, and the touchpoint performance report gives feedback on individual touchpoints.

Weeks 2-3


Review Results

Collect and Organize Data

During this time LeadsRx automatically ingests all of your marketing touchpoints and conversion events. New touchpoints and mid funnel conversion points may be established as our algorithmic attribution model learns about your marketing campaigns.

Optimization begins Week 3


Optimize Ad Spend

Maximize ROAS

After a few weeks you should have more than enough data collected to make reasonable decisions about your advertising mix. Take a look at the Return on Ad Spend report in LeadsRx to see wasted ad spend and programs that need more budget.

Rapid Deployment Attribution

Get up and running quickly with our impartial multi-touch attribution software.