RMS Austria Chooses LeadsRx Attribution Solution To Deliver Success For Advertisers

Portland, Ore., July 13, 2021 Marketing analytics company LeadsRx announced that foremost Austrian audio advertising sales house RMS Austria (RMS) has chosen the LeadsRx multi-touch attribution platform to power the RMS Attribution measurement and insights services it provides to advertising clients.

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RMS specializes in audio advertising campaigns bundling all Austrian private radio stations and over 1,500 audio streams to deliver successful results for its clients’ brands. RMS is using LeadsRx impartial attribution technology to measure and get specific marketing insights into campaign performance and to optimize advertising to maximize return on ad spend.

“LeadsRx Attribution makes it possible to measure how effectively and quickly radio advertising is digitally activated with RMS Austria,” said Joachim Feher, CEO RMS Austria. “Companies across all industries can take advantage of the marketing success that can be achieved by pairing RMS’s radio marketing power with the measurement effectiveness and customer visibility provided by LeadsRx.”

RMS Austria Success Story: Aspire Education Zukunftsmillion.jetzt Campaign

Aspire Education relied on a RMS’s radio campaign and LeadsRx attribution technology to measure the success of its Zukunftsmillion.jetzt campaign which included display advertising and social media campaigns.

“With this campaign, together with RMS Austria and the LeadsRx Attribution, a relevant synergy effect between image building and direct advertising response has been achieved in an outstanding way. This created a harmonious campaign structure that had a clear goal: to bring the future million (www.zukunftsmillion.jetzt) and our vision of the work-life-learn balance to the outside!” says Michael Swoboda, Management Board Aspire Education,  CEO ETC and Managing Director ARS.

Overall, the RMS marketing approach was credited with:

  • Web lift of 18.9%, representing a total share of 15.9% of the total web sessions
  • Nearly 16% of FutureMillion.now website traffic can be attributed to a specific 10-minute window as a direct response to the radio spots that aired
  • Generating weekly increase in web sessions of up to 40%.

“RMS Austria’s use of LeadsRx Attribution is the model for how marketing attribution can measure the success of radio advertising and track customers’ paths to purchase,” said AJ Brown, CEO and co-founder of LeadsRx. “The fantastic outcome of Aspire Education’s Zukunftsmillion.jetzt marketing campaign demonstrates the effectiveness of how agencies and advertising sales houses like RMS can use analytics and attribution insights to improve business success.”

For more insight about RMS Austria’s success for Aspire Education using LeadsRx Attribution visit https://rms-austria.at/mediaservice/pressemitteilungen/Pressemitteilung%202021/rms_attribution. Learn more about LeadsRx Attribution by visiting LeadsRx.com.

About LeadsRx

A fast innovator and a marketer’s choice for 5,000-plus global and local brands, LeadsRx is an unrivaled multi-touch attribution SaaS platform. Powered by a unique Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel™, LeadsRx provides an impartial view of customer journeys, giving each advertising touchpoint proper weight and credit including broadcast media. Founded by marketers, LeadsRx enables companies of any size to elevate marketing performance in a framework that is easily understood delivering sustainable return on ad spend (ROAS). To learn more about how LeadsRx can support you in marketing transformation visit LeadsRx.com. Connect with LeadsRx on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

About RMS Austria

RMS Austria: The Austrian Audio Advertising Sales House – Audio advertising at the right time in the right place. RMS Austria bundles all private radio stations in Austria and over a thousand online streams to make radio and online audio advertising easily bookable – working with just one expert. A dedicated team of 18 people is committed to achieving the best result for radio advertising customers every day. With competence and experience, RMS helps customers to get closer to their target audiences in terms of space, time and topic. For more information visit www.rms-austria.at.

About Aspire Education

Aspire Education is the leading education group in German-speaking countries. Aspire includes ARS – Academy for Law, Taxes and Economics, ETC – Enterprise Training Center, ibis acam, KAOS, Fastlane Austria and Stepin. Aspire Holding supports more than 50,000 apprentices annually – both individuals and companies. The spectrum ranges from professional IT Trainings, Online-/Hybrid-Trainings and Platforms, AMS courses to high-end business training with top experts. All information on: www.aspire-education.com.

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