Multi-Touch Attribution Success Story: The Great American Home Store Rewrites the Rules for Retail and Boosts Sales 24% in Two Years

LeadsRx customer The Great American Home Store has been pushing the boundaries in using marketing analytics and marketing attribution technologies to maximize the performance of its marketing and advertising programs, to increase traffic to its ecommerce site and motivate more people to go to its stores.

As a result, The Great American Home Store relies on LeadsRx technology to boost its marketing performance success, helping to increase sales 24% in the past two years. In that time the retailer’s loyal customers made three-plus furniture purchases, ecommerce sales surged 221% in 2020, and it closed 2021 with a revenue increase of 8% over 2020.

“The Great American Home Store’s success over the past two years is tied to the fact that our marketing program performed incredibly well as a direct result of using LeadsRx marketing attribution technology,” said Justin Bowen, Ecommerce Manager for The Great American Home Store. “LeadsRx helped us to optimize our ad spend and dial in creative across all our marketing channels including TV, radio, CTV, digital, social media, SMS, and paid and organic search.”

The Great American Home Store is the leading locally-owned and operated home furnishings retailer serving people in the 200-mile region around Memphis. It has been using LeadsRx Attribution and LeadsRx Journey for more than two years to increase the performance of its marketing and advertising programs for its five retail locations and ecommerce business, which in turn drives increases for in-store and online retail sales.

“The industry norm for marketing spend is 6% of revenue,” said Bowen. “Our marketing program budget was 3.5% of revenue over much of the past two years and we were outperforming competitors.”

The LeadsRx attribution data and The Great American Home Store online surveys touch on the challenges, opportunities, and success of its marketing and advertising programs:

  • It averages 18 to 25 touchpoints per in-store and ecommerce customer.
  • Half of its advertising budget is spent on broadcast TV that reaches approximately 97% of people in the Memphis DMA.
    • In surveys, website shoppers said their favorite TV shows were Yellowstone, 1883, Ozark, NCIS, Law & Order, and Young and the Restless.
  • 67% of ecommerce shoppers have seen The Great American Home Store’s TV ads; 16.8% of those ecommerce shoppers were prompted to visit the site due to an ad.
  • 8% of sales from July 2021 to January 2022 were attributed to CTV advertising but it was only 9% of The Great American Home Store’s marketing budget.
    • CTV buys on Hulu and Discovery+ were 10% of its advertising mix.
    • In early 2022, the GAHS switched to YouTube advertising based on shopper feedback pointing to a preference for this medium over CTV.
  • When people in the Memphis region do an online search for a furniture retailer 45% start by Googling “Great American” or other variations of its name.
    • 5% of the time website visitors chose to go to The Great American Home Store first before going to a competitor’s store.

“What the data tells us is where to make optimizations, and the big picture of how our entire marketing ecosystem is working together,” Bowen said. “I no longer fight for marketing budget for different mediums. I can show how they all work together because we can see conversion paths.”

How else is The Great American Home Store using LeadsRx to plan for the future?

“We split our marketing budget 50/50, traditional and digital, as part of our advertising strategy to reach a younger demographic and bring in more diverse shoppers,” Bowen said. “It is already working, and we have seen improvements in bringing down our average customer age by about 10 years, which is the first time this has happened since we started tracking it three years ago.”

For more details and insights into The Great American Home Store success story tune into the LeadsRx Attribution Marketing Podcast #51 Justin Bowen of The Great American Home Store Goes Omni-Channel and Full-Funnel with Attribution” and the LeadsRx blog “Using Data to Increase Marketing Performance for a Bustling Furniture Business.”

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