LeadsRx Customer Success Story: Hybrid Media Services Clients Experience 27% Increase in Advertising Effectiveness as Measured by LeadsRx

LeadsRx customer Hybrid Media Services, an agency specializing in brand marketing and direct response advertising, has helped its clients experience a 27% increase in marketing performance due to its advertising strategies as measured by LeadsRx marketing analytics technology.

Hybrid Media is the leading agency buying audio advertising in the United States and it is the specialty agency that advertising agencies turn to support their clients’ radio, podcasting and other audio advertising campaign needs. It has been using LeadsRx Attribution and LeadsRx Journey for 4 years as part of the marketing performance measurement services it provides to its advertising clients.

2022 marks Hybrid Media 15th year in business and it has built extensive expertise in the media buying industry in that time. Its expertise in audio advertising gives clients more bang for their ad dollars, gives them access to some incredible deals on audio campaigns and especially in purchasing remnant advertising, which is a golden opportunity for brands to cost effectively connect with prospective customers in specific industries.

Hybrid Media Uses LeadsRx to Solve Performance Measurement Challenge for Ad Clients

Hybrid Media uses LeadsRx along with other tools to identify what is working for clients’ audio ads and ad campaigns. It can get detailed insights into what stations are working or not working in specific markets, what day parts are outperforming other day parts, what stations are working Monday through Friday but maybe they’re not working on the weekends. This makes it possible to change up Hybrid Media’s media buying system so its account leads can provide the best return on ad spend (ROAS) for clients and deliver the desired return on their marketing investment.

“With LeadsRx, Hybrid Media Services is able to show brand companies how their audio ads perform at a very granular level,” said Calvin Lathan, Director of Business Insight and Intelligence, Hybrid Media Services. “The attribution tools and software give us insights into specific markets, stations, days, day parts, among other analytic details to provide brands with the best bang for their ad dollars, drive awareness and increase sales.”

Hybrid Media is buying upwards of hundreds of spots a day across various markets and stations for clients. It uses LeadsRx to analyze audio ads on a local or national level to in turn show clients the specific web lift and web traffic data from when spots air. Brands and their businesses benefit from knowing what is and is not working.

“I always like to have at least two pieces of creative running at a time and do some A/B testing since it’s crucial to make changes for the client. You don’t want a message to be stale, or you don’t want a message to be known so long that when someone hears it, it just goes in one ear and out the other,” said Lathan. “You want to be able to adapt the creative to stay fresh, memorable and result in a positive outcome for the client.”

Customer Success – Hybrid Media Services Boosts Loan Industry Client’s Business

With one Hybrid Media client, a loan lender, Lathan set up 15 different conversions for each type of loan and application the loan company had available for prospective customers. It allowed Lathan and his creative team to change up the creative based on what LeadsRx Attribution data was reporting as the various ads appeared. At one point the data showed there was significant web lift occurring with traffic going to the business loan website. Then at a different time of day Lathan saw more lift occurring on the line of credit landing page.

Based on these insights from LeadsRx, Lathan worked with the Hybrid Media creative team to adjust the ad creative to boost conversions for the business loan and line of credit creative to increase web lift by 68 percent, with conversions on the landing pages increasing by 560 percent.

There are a number of takeaways Lathan says such data provides, “The LeadsRx performance data really helps us to adapt our creative on the fly to match the traffic to those landing pages. We use the data internally for every aspect of the buying and the creative process as well as to show clients how well creative and campaigns are performing.”

“LeadsRx has definitely helped us retain clients as well as helped us to pitch and win clients who maybe never thought about getting into the radio world,” said Lathan. “At the end of the day, I want everything to work together to provide the best results for the clients. LeadsRx gives us the ability to filter through all of channels where ads appear to give the proper credit for an attribution for what radio ads are bringing in.”

For more information on the Hybrid Media Services success story with LeadsRx tune into the LeadsRx Attribution Marketing Podcast #50 Calvin Lathan from Hybrid Media Services on Measuring Radio and Podcast Advertising for Performance” and the LeadsRx blog “Marketing Analytics: Getting a Charge out of Helping Advertisers Excel.”

For more information about Hybrid Media Services visit https://hybridmediaservices.com/, email info@hybridadv.com or call (800) HMS-5005.

For more on LeadsRx Attribution and LeadsRx Journey software visit leadsrx.com.

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