LeadsRx Attribution Gives Marketers Impartial Performance Marketing Data to Compare Podcast Ads Vs. Other Ad Channels

The podcasting business is experiencing exponential growth with more than 130 million people expected to listen to them in 2022. Each month approximately 56 million people listen to podcasts served up by Spotify and Apple Podcast alone. Its why advertisers are tuning in and are willing to spend upwards of $800 million dollars to reach consumers – with little knowledge of how those ads perform when compared to advertising on other mediums.

“Understanding podcast advertising’s interaction with other channels is critical for impartial insights and accurate measurement of return on ad spend,” said AJ Brown, founder and CEO of LeadsRx. “Anyone advertising on podcasts or producing their own podcasts wants to be able to say they know how podcasts ads perform versus CTV, OTT, TV, radio, digital or other mediums – LeadsRx Attribution does that today.”

In 2020, LeadsRx announced it was the first marketing analytics company to deliver the ability to measure real-time podcast ad performance in an unbiased way alongside other advertising on other mediums, digital ads, TV or radio broadcast commercials, and even direct mail. The capability means advertisers can finally evaluate their return on podcast advertising campaigns and make in-flight optimization changes helping to reduce wasted ad spend.

By looking holistically at all channels together marketers have the impartial view of the customer journey and insights into how well podcast ads are performing in a true multi-touch attribution environment.

The podcast platform’s explosive growth has led to a number of recent acquisitions of podcast attribution and analytics point solutions, highlighting the need to validate the performance of podcasts for current and future advertisers. iHeartMedia’s acquisition of Triton Digital (LeadsRx is happy to have worked with both companies) in 2020 and the recent acquisition of Podsights and Chartable by Spotify – as well as its purchase of Megaphone in 2020 – are two examples of the evolving podcasting landscape.

“Podcasting hosting services can tell advertisers where their audience is listening, from which device, and on what app, but it’s not enough,” said Brown. “Advertisers need to trust that they have unbiased listener data necessary to optimize their ad spend and ensure it measures up to the performance of their ads across any other channel.’

“LeadsRx Attribution gives advertisers the impartial marketing attribution solution required to measure performance of marketing across podcasts and other marketing channels,” said Brown.

To learn more about the LeadsRx suite of offerings, from multi-touch attribution, to privacy-first customer journey analytics, to data clean rooms, to the concept of “People + Data = Better,” visit LeadsRx.com.



LeadsRx Attribution dashboard: Podcast attribution appears alongside other marketing touchpoints. Credit for conversion is distributed according to a selected attribution model.

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