LeadsRx Attribution features advanced attribution technology, Enhancements for B2B marketers and greater support for marketing agencies

Portland, Ore., April 21, 2020 – Today, LeadsRx announced the availability of Version 3.0 of its unrivaled impartial marketing attribution platform, LeadsRx Attribution™ – providing advanced features to arm businesses and marketing agencies with the insights, technology and confidence they need to deepen customer relationships and achieve the highest return on advertising spend (ROAS). Unlike expensive, consulting-heavy solutions, LeadsRx Attribution is a preconfigured and ready to use solution for marketing teams of all sizes.

“LeadsRx is grateful to all of our customers and partners for the feedback and insights that helped us achieve this milestone, developing the leading, impartial multi-touch attribution platform they count on to optimize nearly a billion dollars of ad spend,” said AJ Brown, CEO and co-founder of LeadsRx. “In uncertain times, it’s critical that companies and agencies have access to the intelligence they need to build trusted relationships and to put customers at the center of everything they do.”

Greater Support for Marketing Agencies

Using LeadsRx marketing attribution technology, marketing agencies are providing the transparency and accountability that their clients demand. LeadsRx is the only marketing attribution vendor who focuses on helping agencies monitor and report their own performance in an impartial way, powered by the LeadsRx Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel™.

LeadsRx Attribution gives agencies new capabilities through the Open Attribution API and Client Dashboard built into the platform, which includes the ability to easily onboard new clients with default settings and a tagging system that filters client accounts according to business needs. Another important feature for agencies is the LeadsRx IDEA Assessment, which shows the ways campaigns contribute to success based on analysis of a variety of different factors.

Figure 1: LeadsRx Attribution – IDEA Assessment is unique to LeadsRx and provides insight into how a particular marketing program contributes to overall conversion success.

The Open Attribution API built into LeadsRx Attribution provides the ability to add marketing data directly to LeadsRx such as data from call centers, in-store sales, third-party vendors, marketing events, and more. This allows the agency and their clients to incorporate the broadest set of marketing touchpoints in attribution modeling and leads to more accurate return on ad spend reporting. 

The Open Attribution API also provides the ability to extract attribution results for inclusion in custom reports and workflows, a common requirement for agencies as they offer transparency to their clients. A variety of reporting tools can consume this data or agencies can build custom reports, in a format they can choose and design.

New integrations have been added to LeadsRx Attribution so that agencies can automatically incorporate data from third parties directly including AppsFlyer for mobile app download, installs, and in-app events, and WideOrbit for global broadcast advertising data. This broadens the range marketing channels included in attribution analysis and eases the burden on agencies for manually finding and processing this information themselves.

“LeadsRx capabilities for agencies are significant and far beyond what we have seen from other attribution vendors,” says Matthew Greger, Vice President Technology at Diray Media. “The LeadsRx Open Attribution API allows us to integrate attribution results into our standard reporting and provide our staff and our clients with consistent, transparent reporting into advertising performance.”

Advanced Attribution Technology

An important feature in LeadsRx Attribution expands on how marketers evaluate and analyze broadcast television attribution. Unlike point solutions that only evaluate TV advertising in isolation, LeadsRx Attribution allows comparison of TV to other marketing channels like digital, direct mail and radio.

New broadcast TV attribution capabilities in LeadsRx Attribution allows advertisers and agencies to easily incorporate commercial times as well as adjust parameters for windows of attribution, geo-fencing, network overlap, low-reach networks, and more. Importantly, LeadsRx has pioneered a way to capture “the second breath of broadcast” – a proprietary technique that gives full credit to TV and/or radio by performing attribution over multiple points in time for each commercial airing.

Spike analysis is another valuable feature in LeadsRx Attribution that allows marketers to clearly see how visitor traffic to a website spikes during and after broadcast advertising. This can be an invaluable tool for media buyers who need proper attribution credit to networks they buy from. Other advanced attribution features in LeadsRx Attribution include performance improvements, enhanced ROAS reporting, country blocking, and new visualization techniques for attribution results.

Figure 2. LeadsRx Attribution -Spike analysis shows how visitor traffic to a website changes during broadcast advertising.

“LeadsRx provides marketers an impartial, non-judgmental way to look across a channel and view all advertising programs to see where they are working best in terms of branding, direct responses, retargeting, among other capabilities,” said Brown. “LeadsRx is built around the idea that data is only useful if it provides actionable and impartial information in real-time.”

Enhanced B2B Attribution

In addition to serving the attribution needs of direct-to-consumer (DTC) and other business-to-consumer businesses (B2C), LeadsRx Attribution has become the impartial solution of choice for businesses selling to other businesses (B2B).

LeadsRx Attribution now features Incremental Profile Data that allows businesses to see prospect data added at each step in the sales funnel. For example, a first conversion point may only capture a business email address, but the next conversion would add the name and company. Now LeadsRx Attribution makes it so a sales funnel can be defined based on conversions, adding visualization to see the customer’s journey through various stages in the sales funnel. This allows businesses to better understand how prospects are identifying with a brand and developing trust as they become customers. It also helps marketing teams focus on movement throughout the funnel, developing programs that avoid bottlenecks and delays.

Figure 3. LeadsRx Attribution – the conversion funnel is used by B2B companies to see how deals flow through various stages.

Other new features in LeadsRx Attribution for B2B include integration with Marketo, an Adobe company and one of the world’s most popular marketing automation systems. The integration allows marketers to automatically merge data in Marketo to LeadsRx Attribution for better visualization of customer journey mapping, demographic segmentation, and conversion attribution.

Another new integration with CRM provider PipeDrive allows customers to use LeadsRx Attribution to automatically send customer journey details to sales systems so that team members can follow up with prospects with full knowledge of the marketing touchpoints and content that prospects considers most significant.

Other features include the ability to remove form spam from conversion analysis, a critical capability to ensure attribution models produce accurate results considering the volume of irrelevant or fake information that businesses receive in this day and age.

“LeadsRx Attribution is part of the core technology we use in marketing and promoting Tailwind, a leading platform for executing visual marketing campaigns on Instagram and Pinterest,” said David Christopher, Director of Marketing and Growth, Tailwind. “The capabilities of LeadsRx allow us to think more strategically about how we allocate our marketing spend.”

For more information about LeadsRx Attribution visit LeadsRx.com.

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