#53 Lewis Rothkopf on Measuring What Marketing is Working and Why

Lewis Rothkopf is president at Martin DSP, a modern media buying and measurement platform. He has been in the martech industry for nearly 25 years. In this episode, Lewis riffs on how smart marketers are becoming more and more sophisticated around measurement, moving away from vanity metrics to metrics that truly reveal to marketers which of their campaigns are working and which are not.

He talks about marketing trends, including the growth of CTV, OTT and audio/streaming, and how marketers need to conquer the challenge of measuring all channels they deploy in their effort to promote their brand or business.

Listen in to hear Lewis’ take on incrementality, AI, algorithms, cookie deprecation and alternate IDs, and how Martin DSP (like LeadsRx) is a scrappy, agile startup that has the goal of helping marketers improve their marketing performance.