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  • May 25, 2022
  • By Cam Sivesind
The Top 10 Episodes of the LeadsRx Attribution Marketing Podcast


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LeadsRx has been recording the Attribution Marketing Podcast for a couple of years now and just recently surpassed 50 episodes. We thought we’d share our Top 10 most downloaded episodes in case you wanted to know what was striking the fancy of other marketers.

1. #19 Advertising Intelligence and Multi-Touch Attribution – Ryan Hansen, Founder of LumenAd – Ryan unpacks how the ad tech industry really works – and explains why advertising has failed to live up to the promises of digital.

2. #32 Bryan Lozano on Transitioning to First-Party Data – Bryan Lozano, senior manager, partner development at LeadsRx, discusses how to transition to a first-party ecosystem for your data. As third-party cookies are depreciated, and consumer privacy continues to be protected, the need to collect first-party data from your customers is more important now than ever.

3. #22 The Evolution of Attribution for Radio with Radio Active Media – Jeff Pollak and Anne Marie Broast from Radio Active Media break down how radio attribution has evolved to compete against digital advertising products – by utilizing attribution.

4. #30 Frans Riemersma of MarTechTribe Discusses Software Selection Secrets at the Enterprise Level – Frans Riemersma, the number one MarTech influencer in the Netherlands, and a thought leader all throughout Europe, explains how years of marketing, software development and consulting have led him to a software selection process that works. Learn how to avoid costly mistakes by selecting the right vendors and how to get 1ntent is being used in SEO, conversion and attribution to close more deals.

5. #21 Bill King from Frase.io Talks Content Optimization, SEO, and Attribution – Bill King talks about Frase.io and its content optimization software – and how the search engine optimization (SEO) game has changed dramatically over the past few years. He breaks down how content is being used in SEO, conversion and attribution to close more deals.

6. #14 Customer Experience, Multi-Touch Campaigns and SalesForce with Alex Yackery of Venture Solar – Alex Yackery of Venture Solar talks customer journey, customer experience, and measurement and attribution – all of which contributed to his company becoming a leader in the solar industry in the Northeastern United States.

7. #36 Debbie Horwitz from Kreative Kontent Talks Authenticity in Marketing  – Debbie Margolis-Horwitz, chairwoman and executive producer at Kreative Kontent, talks about why her company is a “collective,” not an agency, and tailors its services to its clients’ needs; why authenticity and transparency are vital for interactions with clients, and why the content her company creates for clients reflects that motto; and how to measure marketing campaign effectiveness, and how the KPI is different depending on the business and its goals (sales vs. engagement, for instance).

8. #35 Deepa Garg Talks Performance Marketing And Finding Your Purpose – Deepa Garg from Prosperity Digital Marketplace talks about purpose-driven marketing and using that as the foundation for your entire customer journey. Through her role in various non-profit and for-profit organizations Deepa has driven marketing performance by keeping these multi-channel marketing strategies in mind.

9. #2 How to Get Actionable Data from Your Marketing Campaigns – Learn what data is important, why, and how to act on it to optimize your marketing campaigns and maximize your ad spend.

10. #17 Nick Heitz from Twitch Explains Ad Performance at the Enterprise Level – Nick Heitz discusses his career in ad sales, Twitch advertising, and how enterprise advertisers use branded content to influence consumer perception.

Much thanks to Lucas Sommer for hosting, moderating, and producing the LeadsRx podcasts. See our complete library of Attribution Marketing Podcast episodes.

If there is a topic you’d like covered, or a person you’d like to hear from, or if you yourself are interested in being a guest on the Attribution Marketing Podcast to talk marketing, measurement, attribution, or anything related to performance marketing, please email cam@leadsrx.com.