#14 Customer Experience, Multi-Touch Campaigns and SalesForce with Alex Yackery of Venture Solar

Alex Yackery of Venture Solar breaks down how he grew his organization to become one of the best solar companies in the Northeast region. Venture Solar has deployed more than 20 different marketing channels – ranging from radio and TV to kiosks in supermarkets – but across all channels several elements were critical to its tremendous growth:

  • The Customer Journey: The company focused on the entire customer journey and invested in each step along the way. All touchpoints with the customer reinforced the brand promise and built both awareness and trust.
  • The Customer Experience: The marketing team’s job wasn’t over once a lead was secured – instead the business iterated and improved on all touchpoints, from the first digital click to the follow up after installation. Referrals and positive reviews delivered increased growth rates and inbound lead flow.
  • Measurement and Attribution: All campaigns received unique tracking links, phone numbers and metrics so that the source of leads, and ultimately closed deals, was known. By incorporating both the cost of those campaigns, and the revenue from closed deals, the business was able to scale customer acquisition profitably.