#17 Nick Heitz from Twitch Explains Ad Performance at the Enterprise Level

Nick Heitz has spent a decade in the enterprise advertising sales business. Now he finds himself on one of the hottest emerging platforms on the market: Twitch. Nick discusses his career in ad sales, Twitch advertising, and how enterprise advertisers use branded content to influence consumer perception. The most effective campaigns were often omni-channel, platform-first strategies where one creative strategy is customized for each platform where the messaging lives. 

Nick believes the trend in 2021 will be for brands to continue moving to subscription-based models to learn more about their customers and to build their own value – rather than building audiences on other platforms (for example, social media sites).

Another strong trend will be the rise of creator- and community-driven platforms – Peloton, TikTok, Twitch – have a much stronger value proposition for their customers and advertisers. 

Quality advertisers doing things the right way. It’s the formula for trying to add to a particular platform’s audience experience, rather than being a time-suck for users or overtly disrupting them into taking action.

“Meet your consumers where they are, rather than interrupting them.”

Nick Heitz, Twitch.tv