Multi-Touch Attribution Software
that Works for Any Marketing Mix

LeadsRx is a software platform used by enterprise marketers and agencies as the foundation of performance-based measurement. Impartial multi-touch attribution omni-channel insights give brands the confidence to make better marketing decisions.

Marketers that use LeadsRx increase return on ad spend, reduce customer acquisition costs, and grow lifetime value.

Our Attribution Solutions

About LeadsRx

LeadsRx is a leading software platform for marketing attribution that has helped more than 5,000 global and local brands and agencies increase marketing performance. All software products from LeadsRx leverage our Universal Pixel™, which captures anonymous, first-party data about your prospects and customers. Place the pixel directly on your website or use any tag manager. Once you do, the pixel immediately begins learning about marketing programs without the need to re-tag advertising.

Customer Satisfaction + Data to Back It Up

  • 66.2% An industry-leading average NPS rating
  • 8,400+ LeadsRx product users
Marketing attribution is critical for all marketing organizations, and that's why a great Customer Success team is essential. At LeadsRx, we are proud of our NPS score, which is more than double the average for a SaaS B2B vendor.

Multi-touch attribution that converts every marketing touch into revenue

Get objective feedback on how your ad mediums are performing across ALL channels to get an objective and impartial view of how programs work together.
Overview of Solutions
  • Digital
    Go beyond siloed attribution solutions using conversion pixels from Facebook, Google, and other ad platforms.
    LeadsRx uses a proprietary Universal Pixel™ that captures 100% of in-bound digital traffic to your website no matter where it comes from.
  • Broadcast and Traditional Channels
    Take a multi-touch attribution approach to your traditional advertising mediums.
    Broadcast and Traditional Channels
    The LeadsRx approach provides an off-the-shelf omni-channel solution for evaluating the performance of TV and radio advertising in conjunction with all other marketing channels.
  • Streaming
    (Podcast and OTT)
    Compare the cost-effectiveness of streaming mediums with others.
    (Podcast and OTT)
    Our cross-channel attribution provides data about how your OTT, CTV, and podcast campaigns are performing, individually and in conjunction with other channels, to drive customer engagement. Point solutions, like those for podcasts, cannot provide an impartial, holistic view.
  • Offline Channels
    Name the channel, we can measure it.
    Offline Channels
    We also use MTA to identify how ALL channels are contributing to customer journeys – digital paid and organic search, social, mobile, trade shows, direct mail, inbound calls, and more.