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  • Feb 21, 2021
  • By Dave Canelis
Caring for the customer – What I Like About What We Do

I joined LeadsRx in August 2020 charged with leading and improving upon the processes and services our dedicated Customer Care Team was already providing to customers looking to optimize their ad spend and improve their marketing campaigns.

When deploying new software, you often need someone to walk you through it. LeadsRx takes pride in its customer success department, who helps clients leverage our powerful tools to reach their most ambitious marketing goals.

So why, when I had the option to retire and perfect my golf game, did I take on this role at LeadsRx?

It really was a perfect storm consisting of the opportunity to join a fairly new company with a very cool technology focused in the areas of analytics and marketing technology – two of my favorites; an innate faith in our product and desire to truly solve problems for our customers; a belief from our CEO, AJ Brown, on down throughout the whole organization that we will do the right thing for our customers; and an alignment with my personal beliefs about how customers should be treated.

Why Care about Customer Care?

I realize a lot of marketers struggle with analytics in general, and attribution specifically. It’s a relatively new area having only been in play now for about 5-6 years. And like any analytic offering, attribution results and insights need to be socialized within an organization to be believed… to be trusted as the basis of business change. This is no small task, indeed!

What strikes me about marketing attribution software is that while it’s used by marketing folks, the results are often consumed by C-level executives. They all want to know what the cost of customer acquisition is. Are we getting a return for our marketing spend. What’s really driving customer lifetime value. Great questions.

Attribution is different from other software like accounting systems or word processors. We all have experience with tools like these, but maybe we need a little help sometimes finding the right buttons to push to get the job done. Attribution is different. We need help interpreting results and explaining what we see to those C-level executives. THIS is why I took the role at LeadsRx instead of working on my golf game. Attribution really REQUIRES a careful approach to truly put it to use and make better decisions. And to that end, all of us here at LeadsRx care about customer care.

From Onboarding to CMO-Level Reports

What’s this all mean for existing and future LeadsRx customers? You are in good hands.

From day one of becoming a LeadsRx customer, our customer care plan is put into action. It starts with a proactive onboarding plan – from orientation, to product training, setup and implementation, to 30- and 90-day check-ins. Our proven onboarding methodology just works.

At the heart of it all, however, is the attribution analytics and insights that is garnered from the LeadsRx platform. Our attribution insights are built around a CMO-level attribution report examining the trailing dataset period, highlighting specific insights and suggested changes to optimize your advertising. We instill confidence in you to make the necessary adjustments. Or use our Ask-the-Expert feature to schedule a Q&A session with our Data Scientists.

Our Standard Care includes access to the LeadsRx Customer Care Team during business hours, 24/7 access to self-help resources and access to our customer portal for logging support tickets.

Our Premium Care includes all of the Standard Care features plus an assigned Customer Care Manager, 8 hours of Ask-the-Expert access per month, a dedicated 800 number, and more.

Whether Standard or Premium is your choice, our end goal is your success. We don’t care about receiving accolades for the work we do. Our focus is on you, your results and your success. That’s all the reward we need.

Dedicated Support for Agencies

Another thing I like is that LeadsRx has an affinity for its agency partners, and we work hard to support agencies who are working diligently on behalf of their clients to help them supercharge their marketing efforts through impartial multi-touch attribution. Agencies have a dedicated LeadsRx point person to support their mission.

In addition to working with agencies to make them as smart as we are about attribution best practices, we work right along side of their implementation teams to help onboard clients quickly and efficiently. The goal is to make sure the end advertiser is getting all the value they can from attribution and that each step along the way is successful. Find out more about marketing attribution for agencies.

First Impressions

My impressions of LeadsRx now 6 months in are this:

  • The entire LeadsRx team is very passionate about what they do and are very focused on taking care of the customer.
  • Everyone believes in the mission.
  • I am thoroughly impressed with our team of engineers and developers. We are very agile, taking in customer feedback regarding features to make rapid improvement that benefits our direct and agency customers.
  • Our self-help toolbox is solid and has everything a customer would need to help themselves. But, again, the Customer Care Team is always available.
  • We have a really cool office, having moved out of downtown Portland to just off the Willamette River a few miles south of downtown. It fits our culture. It fits the kind of people that work here. AJ has created a company where the culture and people and the mission are all aligned. It’s, well, awesome.

Let me re-emphasize our Customer Care Mission: We are here to help LeadsRx customers accelerate time to realized value by ensuring proper configuration of the LeadsRx solution and increasing understanding of how to interpret and act on the resulting insights to improve return on ad spend (ROAS).

Case(s) in Point – Customer Success Stories

There’s nothing we love more than having our customers tell us how LeadsRx worked for them, especially in the form of a LeadsRx case study. Here are a few customers who found success by putting LeadsRx to work for them:

  • Hybrid Media Services – The direct-response audio agency used data and insights from LeadsRx to identify which broadcast radio stations, dayparts, and spots were working to optimize ad spend for its client, ZQuiet, the manufacturer of a break-through anti-snoring mouthpiece. The open communication and partnership between LeadsRx, Hybrid Media and ZQuiet led to successful outcomes.
  • A Consumer Electronics Company – A manufacturer selling electronics directly to consumers was able to significantly reduce its marketing spend, yet conversions increased and revenue jumped more than three quarter of a million dollars (an increase of more than 600%) from October to November 2019.
  • The Great American Home Store – The furniture and mattress retailer used LeadsRx to track all of its traditional offline broadcast channels and new digital marketing channels and make adjustments to not only survive, but thrive through, the 2020 pandemic shutdown. The retailer’s digital marketing manager said there is something magical about seeing the journey customers took on their way to a purchase; and being able to show the owners the impact of attribution analytics is powerful.

A Few Words from Happy LeadsRx Customers

We take customer input very seriously, and it has been a focus of mine to gather feedback through short 1- or 2-question transactional and relationship surveys. We use that feedback to make LeadsRx better and better, from improving dashboard functionality and reporting capabilities to enhancing how we deliver on our customer care promise.

I’d like to share some of the positive input we’ve received from customers, as it relates to customer service:

  • Very informative training sessions.
  • Great response time.
  • I ALWAYS get my problems solved in a very timely way.
  • I really appreciate the responsiveness from your team, Lee, Quetzal, and Bryan have always been very knowledgeable when working with our team. Thanks for the follow-up!
  • Your team (Ian) is very responsive and does a great job dealing with obstacles.
  • Speed and attentiveness in making sure everything worked for us.
  • The service is great.
  • Great customer service. They deliver on their promises. By far the best knowledge and execution of any media attribution providers. Great support internally and great on calls/presentations with clients.
  • Capability and customer service are the best of all competitors.
  • Ease of use. Excellent product. Quality support.

The LeadsRx Team

Small but mighty, the LeadsRx Customer Care Team I lead is ready to serve, implementing a proven methodology that leads to customer success and improved marketing performance. The team consists of:

  • The Attribution Analytics Team
    • Alex Weisbecker, Director of Attribution Analytics
    • Ian Hoyt, Attribution Specialist
  • The Customer Care Team
    • Quetzal DuMont, Director of Customer Success
    • Lee Allis-Hayes, Manager of Customer Support & Learning
  • Agency Support
    • Bryan Lozano, Partner Solutions Architect

If you want to learn more about LeadsRx, we’d be happy to walk you through a demo and talk to you more about how our customer service is second-to-none. I’m thrilled to be here. I think you will be equally thrilled to be a LeadsRx customer.

Dave Canelis

Vice President of Customer Success