Case Study: Consumer Electronics

A manufacturer selling goods directly to consumers asked LeadsRx for help. It needed an impartial view of its advertising campaigns – a way to see what was working and what was not – as it foraged for increased return on ad spend (ROAS). By using multi-touch attribution, the enterprise was able to significantly reduce its marketing spend (by more than 44 percent) without impacting its revenue year over year.

The Details:

Compay Name: (Withheld)
Budget: $128,000/Month
Channels: Direct, Facebook, Email, Organic Search
KPI: Increased Transactions and Revenue Growth

The month-over-month numbers are impressive. Transaction conversions increased by 48,700 (up more than 95%) from October to November 2019; and revenue jumped an astounding $775,500 (more than 6 times, or 600%) in the same time frame.


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