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  • Aug 24, 2020
  • By Cam Sivesind
Multi-Touch Attribution Helps Partners Measure the Effect of Radio Advertising

Attribution Shows That Radio Aided Nutrition Company’s Campaign;

Auto Dealer Marketing Firm Uses Attribution For Their Clients.

We always enjoy hearing customer success stories, and a couple of our partners showcased their achievements in recent articles and blog posts. Westwood One, with 250 million monthly listeners across an audio network of 8,000 affiliates, posted an article recently talking about the “lift” AM/FM radio provided to a client. Westwood One used radio to help a national health and nutrition products provider increase ad recall and brand equity for a new offering.

Another LeadsRx partner, 9 Clouds – provider of SEO, digital advertising, email marketing, and lead tracking for auto dealerships – posted a blog on “The Value of Multi-Touch Attribution for Auto Dealers.” Notably, the blog says the busywork related to calculating the cost of an online lead is taken out of the equation, thanks to LeadsRx.

Highlights from the Westwood One Article

Feel free to read the article for yourself using the link above, but here are the highlights we gleaned from the Westwood One’s experience assisting the nutrition products retailer with its radio advertising:

  • Heavy AM/FM radio listeners are 72% more likely to be heavy purchasers in the vitamin and supplement category.
  • The radio ad campaign increased ad recall and brand equity for the retailer’s new offering to the tune of 50% for awareness, 30% for interest, and 52% for consideration for the new service.
  • As strong supporters of the product category, radio listeners were much more likely – nearly 3 times – to consider the retailer’s new service vs. the overall market.
  • LeadsRx found that the AM/FM radio campaign generated site search lift of 8%; in designated market areas with the heaviest AM/FM radio weight, web traffic grew by 16%.
  • In a typical month, the retailer’s radio campaign reached 28% of the U.S.

Highlights from the 9 Cloud Blog

The full 9 Cloud blog is at the link above as well. Again, here are the highlights we pulled out:

  • 87% of touchpoints by a future car buyer prior to purchase are digital.
  • Multi-touch attribution uses person-level data to measure past marketing performance by measuring the impact of every touchpoint on every KPI in near-real-time. Each channel gets the credit it deserves along the customer journey.
  • The true KPI is return on ad spend (ROAS), so the marketing strategy firm was able to see exactly how much revenue each marketing effort generated. This helps in deciding where to direct efforts next, including optimizing ad spend, ultimately increasing ROAS.
  • Attribution provides impartial data and insights revealing that all customers, and their interactions, are not the same. 9 Clouds encourages its dealer clients to not rely on channel-specific metrics and rather view the channel spectrum with multi-touch attribution. Only then is the picture complete.

Our Takeaways

First off, we are honored to be mentioned in the Westwood One article and 9 Clouds blog. Both companies have been great partners, and we’re excited to see impartial multi-touch attribution being put to work for their clients and showing results.

We know radio is a great channel that provides lift to advertising campaigns. A listener may respond immediately to an ad by visiting a website or brick-and-mortar location, or they might finish their work commute or sandwich at lunch before responding – what we call the “second breath” of radio. Either way, knowing how radio is impacting your marketing mix and is part of the customer journey is important. And knowing which dayparts, days, spot lengths are being most effective should also be part of any future marketing decisions. Attribution provides that data and insights.

We also know that auto dealerships spend a lot of time, energy, and money on marketing campaigns. Knowing which channels and combinations of channels are most effective at driving website traffic and, ultimately, showroom visits, is must-have data. Dealer attribution tracks 100% of advertising channels, optimized for vehicle sales, connects online visitors to showroom sales, and can even identify the online vehicle research customers perform down to the VIN number.

We have specific tools dedicated to radio and broadcast attribution in general. And we also have tools in place specifically for dealer attribution. If either of those are in your wheelhouse, we recommend checking them out and taking our demo for a spin.