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Broadcast attribution optimizes your campaigns

Imagine being armed with data that helps you optimize ad spend, improve ad copy, and deliver more powerful calls to action.

By analyzing Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and spot log data, an attribution analysis can show web lift, impact analysis, audience insights, and segmentation data, including dayparts, days of week, spot length, and more.

LeadsRx helps broadcast advertisers and marketing agencies deploy attribution properly

In less than 30 minutes, you will see how to:

  • Track 100% of offline channels, including radio, TV, podcasts and OTT
  • Optimize for daypart, station, creative and other dimensions 
  • Connect online visitors to offline campaigns 
  • Integrate spot logs, costs, and external data sources
  • Maximize your return on ad spend with attribution

Learn how Attribution helps broadcast advertisers convert more sales.

Stop wasting money on ineffective advertising and start optimizing your broadcast campaigns.

BROADCAST Attribution Reports

Do you want to know which advertising creative, station, length, time, and geography work the best at driving conversions? These broadcast attribution reports which cover TV, radio and podcasts will tell you. 

This report shows you which creatives are performing the best relative to each other. Top performing creatives lead to more web sessions per spot than underperforming creatives. 

    This report shows you your best performing dimensions, and how to optimize your broadcast campaigns around them.

    Daypart: 10-3

    Day: Saturday

    Creative: 20% Off

    This report shows you web lift coming from your broadcast campaigns. Broadcast ads in March and April added 611 Web Sessions to the advertiser’s website, representing a 12.9% lift. 

    Want to see all our broadcast reports?

    If you would like to learn about all of the LeadsRx features, please schedule a personalized demonstration so we can show you how attribution would work in your use case.

    Download the Broadcast Attribution Overview

    Read this overview brochure to learn more about broadcast attribution

    Broadcast attribution can make you a hero in the eyes of your network or media buyers. Showcase the value of broadcast advertising by optimizing for return on ad spend.

    Broadcasters and media buyers are looking for a leg up on the competition, so knowing where, when, and how to spend valuable ad dollars can be as good as gold.

    That’s where LeadsRx Broadcast Attribution™ comes in, providing insights from impartial attribution analytics that measure consumer response to advertising.

    How BROADCAST Attribution Works

    It’s a bit of science and a bit art form, but capturing and analyzing the data you need to take action is easy with LeadsRx. By dialing in on these essential components of our broadcast attribution methodology, you can up your broadcast game.

    Response Window

    LeadsRx analyzes traffic to an advertiser’s website to determine which visitors could be responding to a commercial that aired – within a specified time period.


    Second-Breath Attribution

    There is data that proves a delayed-visitor phenomena known as the “second breath of broadcast.” Ad listeners delay immediate action but check out the offer around minute 20 after a spot airs.


    LeadsRx segments website visitors by their geographic location, thus avoiding having an ad that airs in Atlanta being wrongfully attributed to a visitor from San Francisco.

    Channel Filters

    LeadsRx allows you to select which channels to include in the broadcast attribution path, as website traffic coming from organic search, direct visits, and branded paid-search ads are often attributed to broadcast advertising if the traffic arrives within the response window and geofenced area.

    Decay-Curve Analysis 

    Also known as spike analysis, this is another valuable feature in LeadsRx Broadcast Attribution that allows you to clearly see how visitor traffic to a website spikes during and after broadcast advertising.


    LeadsRx uses sophisticated models to determine the amount of credit given to overlapping spots, for example when spots air on multiple stations or across mediums like TV and radio.

    National and Local Campaigns

    Broadcast advertising can be sold in a few different ways: local market; network or national; and national simultaneous. LeadsRx supports all of these models and includes specific capabilities that “burst” network or national buys into each local market.

    Ingesting Spot Log Data

    LeadsRx has an enhanced, intelligent facility for ingesting broadcast post spot logs, providing maximum flexibility and ease of use.


    The insights from LeadsRx Broadcast Attribution™ can show you how broadcast ads increased website traffic month over month; point to the highest-performing ad copy; and base spot costs on the true performance of the daypart or network, instead of rate card or audience data provided by the broadcaster.

    Learn from the Largest Radio Attribution Study… Ever. 

    Learn exactly how to optimize your broadcast advertisements for sales. 

    Link Sales to Advertising Efforts

    There are four key marketing tactics that help drive effective automotive radio advertising. They are:

    1. Response rates are high every day of the week.
    2. Adding incremental budget to your schedule can lead to exponential growth.
    3. Car shopping is a daytime activity, correlating with advertising during prime drive times.
    4. Campaigns with multiple ad lengths outperformed single-ad-length campaigns by more than 2x.

    Download the full Study

    “By including revenue and costs I am finally able to track which broadcast advertising channels are selling the most vehicles.”

    Marketing DIRECTOR, Marketing Agency

    “This is exactly what I need to show my CEO and Board of Directors.”

    CMO, Financial Services

    “The insights have been very helpful in showing me where leads are coming from, giving me the ability to see where I need to put more effort.”

    FOUNDER, Broadcast Media Agency

    “I was finally able to properly attribute between my online and offline conversions.”

    CMO, Automotive dealership group