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Get up and running quickly and easily with attribution for your dealership or automotive marketing agency. This personalized demo will showcase how you can leverage attribution to revolutionize the way you advertise!

LeadsRx software helps dealerships and automotive marketing agencies deploy attribution properly

In less than 30 minutes, you will see how to:

  • Track 100% of your advertising channels including radio, TV, and digital
  • Optimize for vehicle sales 
  • Connect online visitors to showroom sales 
  • Integrate costs, revenue and external data sources
  • Maximize your return on ad spend with attribution
  • Sell more units! 

Learn how LeadsRx Attribution software helps dealerships sell more vehicles.

Stop wasting money on ineffective advertising and start selling more units.

LeadsRx Dealer Attribution

Most vehicle sales take place in the showroom at the auto dealership. But what road did that customer take to end up in your showroom, ready to buy?

Tracking All Roads to Auto Dealership Purchases

Wouldn’t it be great to know all the steps in your customer’s journey, and then be able to adjust your ad spend accordingly? Even better, what if you could determine how and where the would-be buyer did their online research and link that to the eventual buyer’s identifying information? That’s a true examination of which marketing programs are helping you sell vehicles.

With marketing attribution – specifically impartial multi-touch attribution – that customer journey is tracked. You can now map the path the consumer took to drive onto your lot, buy, and drive off your lot in a new ride.

The LeadsRx platform provides an impartial, cross-channel view of the entire customer journey to see where in the sales funnel people are acting, reacting, and converting. Reliable, unbiased data from all channels is used to determine the one measurement that matters – return on ad spend (ROAS).

How Dealer Attribution Works

Start selling more cars with attribution in five simple steps.

Add Our Pixel

We track 100% of marketing

LeadsRx Dealer Attribution™ provides focused insights on user-level attribution, identifying the purchase paths of car shoppers across all channels and devices.

This enables you to sort and rank the influence of each channel’s contribution in the path to conversion.

Track your prospects

We build customer journeys

Normally, buyers are completely anonymous to you; their online journey is disconnected from their visit to your showroom, but with LeadsRx you have this customer journey and now you know what brings quality customers to your dealership

We Track Customer Journeys

we Connect prospects to their touchpoints

Maybe your customer called the dealership, or was a prospect in your CRM, or started an online chat with a sales rep. Once the prospect converts, LeadsRx will track that conversion and connect it with that customer’s existing marketing journey.

We Ingest Vehicle Sale Data

we Connect sales to customer journeys

In the event that the buyer doesn’t self-identify in advance of the purchase, a post-sale email connects the customer’s journey from digital research to purchasing the vehicle.

These identification methods, in conjunction with our Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel, allow you to map complex customer journeys back to your vehicle sales.

Sell more cars

Optimize Your Campaigns

With attribution data, you can focus, improve, and optimize future ad spends. You’ll know which touchpoints have the most impact on a customer’s decision to buy.

When combining this information with actual revenue and cost data you can truly optimize for the most important metric: Return on Ad Spend.

Individual VIN-Based Tracking

In addition to identifying what channels a prospective buyer used in their customer journey, the LeadsRx pixel technology looks for VIN numbers found on your dealership website. This allows you to see not only what pages consumers are viewing, but which specific vehicles they are evaluating online – down to the VIN.

Learn from the Largest Automotive Attribution Study… Ever.

Learn exacty how to optimize your broadcast advertisements for auto sales.

Link Sales to Advertising Efforts

There are four key marketing tactics that help drive effective automotive radio advertising. They are:

  1. Response rates are high every day of the week
  2. Adding incremental budget to your schedule can lead to exponential growth
  3. Car shopping is a daytime activity, correlating with advertising during prime drive times
  4. Campaigns with multiple ad lengths outperformed single ad length campaigns by more than 2 times.

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“By including revenue and costs I am finally able to track which advertising channels are selling the most vehicles.”

Marketing DIRECTOR, Digital Marketing Agency

“This is exactly what I need to show my CEO and Board of Directors.”

CMO, Financial Services

“The insights have been very helpful in showing me where leads are coming from, giving me the ability to see where I need to put more effort.”

FOUNDER, Automotive agency

“I was finally able to properly attribute between my online and offline conversions.”

CMO, dealership group