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  • Dec 21, 2020
  • By Cam Sivesind
Bizible Attribution is Still Visible, But LeadsRx Leads the B2B Attribution Charge



We have long lived by a similar mantra that Bizible attribution espoused: a solid customer data platform is the backbone of any successful B2B marketer’s game plan. It’s vital to know how your prospects are finding you; what you are doing to enhance their customer experience; and how all that is contributing to who your customers are and why they are converting.

Congratulations to you for already discovering solid products to help you market. If Bizible was one of them, great, but what do you do now that the company is under the Adobe umbrella? Since its acquisition by Adobe, Bizible has been absorbed into a predefined, rigid technology stack.

Will you stick with Bizible if it means the company lost some of its independence? Does joining the Adobe family, ripping out and replacing the old just to join the Adobe tech stack by default, appeal to you or concern you? One worry might be figuring out how to integrate the solution within your home-grown tech stack and other tech products you have worked hard to develop.

We encourage you to come see what independent, best-of-breed multi-touch attribution is really like. We were created for B2B marketing. B2B attribution is our core strength.

With our innovative approach to enterprise attribution, we enjoy arming courageous marketers with the insights, technology, and confidence they need to deepen customer relationships and spark marketing performance.

For you Bizible castaways, and those leery of having to start over with an independent solution, welcome to your new forever marketing attribution home.

Multi-Touch B2B Attribution Without Bizible

Impartial multi-touch attribution (MTA) is the holy grail for B2B marketers, and it’s our mantra at LeadsRx. The data and insights from MTA are what CMOs, CFOs, CROs, and CEOs not only want, but need, to have complete faith in the job the marketing department is doing to have a causal effect on the top-line growth of the business.

If ad spend and other marketing campaign expenses are producing revenue directly linked to that spend, you are showing a positive return on ad spend. ROAS is the most important KPI you, as an enterprise B2B marketer, have at your disposal.

The bottom line is you don’t just want leads, you ultimately want more revenue from more closed deals. That’s ROAS with a graph line trending up from left to right.

The goal of LeadsRx is to make sure every B2B marketer is successful, and we do it by providing unbiased insights based on impartial data from all of your marketing touchpoints – from the first drop of a lead into the sales funnel, through the entire middle-funnel journey, and on out the bottom of the funnel as a conversion.

LeadsRx B2B Attribution Solution Compared to Bizible Attribution

These key B2B attribution features point to improved marketing performance for your outreach to new prospects and existing customers:

Analysis of Cohort Data

Cohort analysis is the B2B attribution capability of LeadsRx to categorize prospects, and existing customers, by whichever pinpoint or broad-stroke grouping you choose.

  • Identifying groups or groupings of prospects or existing customers with similar traits – being from the same company, geographic area, purchased from the same channel or customer journey, or size of won deals. These “cohorts” help focus campaigns and optimize ad spend for those targeted subsets. Imagine being able to look at only your top accounts, and then work backward up the funnel to find out what channels lead them to you.
  • Interactivity is important to B2B marketing. Cohorts are flexible, and they can be deleted altogether, added onto, or manipulated to include as limited or as expansive points of data as desired. This spurs creativity and innovation around marketing.
  • Cohorts can also be tied to ABA (see below); you would like to know all of the contacts and related activities of those contacts at a single organization on your prospect list. In addition to a cohort including contacts with a similar geography, they could be contacts who work for the same prospect you are trying to land; and you could even get more specific and create a cohort of people from a particular company and the same geographic region, such as a city.
  • Further analysis of sales results could involve comparing opportunities created in a common time frame, such as after a trade show, webinar, or social media campaign blitz. The creation date of the opportunity could define a cohort. Similarly, you could create a cohort based on when the opportunity was a closed won or closed lost.
  • Cohort analysis can be used to understand and predict future purchasing behaviors of prospects – particularly repeat customers.

Know Your Customer’s Journey

Customer journey mapping is a key capability of LeadsRx B2B attribution.

  • Our LeadsRx technology covers touchpoints over any length of time, going back as far as the oldest marketing campaigns.
  • Every touchpoint, every conversion, is captured by our journey-mapping tool.
  • This information can easily be pushed over to your CRM.
  • At LeadsRx, we consider every stage of the sales funnel when applying journey mapping to create an impartial report and actionable insights. Not every prospect follows the same path from top to bottom, or at the same speed, so we are able to define customer journeys in, through, and out of the full funnel.

Integration with CRMs

Communication between internal systems and departments is key. It’s part push, part pull, and LeadsRx is the facilitator.

  • Be it Salesforce or any other CRM system, LeadsRx tracks form completions, inbound calls, emails – all of it. We’ll send conversion profiles to CRMs with a complete history of touchpoints that occurred. Sales sees the customer journey history, from filling out a demo form (perhaps multiple times) to calling to request additional information and more. We put the marketing knowledge in the hands of sales.
  • We work backward, including touchpoints at any pipeline stage. If a salesperson calls a prospect, they tag them as a qualified lead. The same happens when a demo takes place or a prospect becomes a customer at the closed won stage. All of that information is captured and brought back into LeadsRx to help marketing better market to future prospects.
  • We also bring back revenue data, so it can be extracted from the CRM for ROAS analysis and an unbiased ROAS report.

Account-Based Attribution

This is the next level of Account-Based Marketing – LeadsRx supports Account-Based Attribution (ABA) so you get a holistic view of the account to which you are selling.

  • When selling to larger organizations, someone from IT might be involved, or a purchasing manager, or the technical person that will be in charge of working to see the implementation through. ABA looks at attribution across everyone involved in your outreach to a particular organization and their inbound research. With LeadsRx, you have the capability to automatically or manually link users from the same prospective company/account.

Spam Management

Bad leads are a waste of time, so our product helps with quality control, eliminating leads that are not helpful to sales.

  • LeadsRx automatically helps you manage your form spam, saving your sales team time and resources.
  • Utilize only solid, qualified leads in your attribution analysis to make sure you are optimizing for the right type of prospects.
  • Automatically filter bot traffic and eliminate spam making its way to the sales team – knowing they are the type of leads with a higher probability of closing.

Content Attribution and Marketing

Knowing which channels are working is important. But knowing what content on those channels is effective is equally as important.

  • Our content marketing attribution will tell you which blogs, web pages, forms, PDF downloads, and other content used to expose prospects to your business is making an impact, creating leads, and pushing conversions.

BI (Business Intelligence) Integrations

We know that integrating with your existing BI tools is essential, and LeadsRx can handle it.

  • If you have marketing automation tools in place, we’ll integrate with any and all of them. From HubSpot to Marketo, our independent and unbiased approach allows zero interruption to your flow of data with these tools and others like them.
  • Use common data warehouses like Amazon S3, Google Cloud, and others. LeadsRx will ingest your data automatically when it becomes available.
  • Connect all your other MarTech tools comfortably into one attribution solution. If you use data visualization tools, such as Domo, Google Data Studio, Looker, Sisense, Tableau, or Zoho Analytics, we have you covered.

Weighted Multi-Touch Model

How you find and how you close leads is important, and our multi-touch algorithm for B2B marketers helps identify what is working and what is not.

  • Using our Weighted Multi-Touch Model, our attribution solution can help segment the channels that your “originators” should be leveraging and the activities your “closers” need to push to win more opportunities.
  • LeadsRx allows marketers to assign appropriate credit to the marketing campaigns that 1) bring new prospects, 2) move them through the pipeline, and 3) ultimately close.

Branded Pixel

We offer a branded pixel that is first party in an ever-increasing focus on protecting consumer privacy and data.

  • You can brand our pixel and capture it under your domain name, thus making it past ad blockers and remaining first party in the eyes of regulators and consumer protectionists.
  • Stop relying on third-party cookie data and depreciated tracking and use your own branded pixel to utilize first-party tracking.

PIN Reports

If you want high-level aggregate reporting or more refined reporting, such as tracking a specific group over time, you can now do that in your LeadsRx attribution dashboard.

  • Socializing attribution data internally is as easy as pulling out a report, creating a downloadable CSV, and sharing it with your CMO or CEO.
  • Quick access to executive level reports helps marketers share the value in their programs with the C-suite.

oAuth Handling

LeadsRx automatically filters out referrals from oAuth single sign-on systems

  • Keep this unattributable and insignificant data out of your marketing attribution insights.
  • Properly track customers who are using common oAuth single sign on to sign up or convert as a lead for your products or services.

B2B Attribution Eliminates Wasted Ad Spend

If you don’t have the latest B2B attribution solution, you are likely leaving money on the table – not only with your ad campaigns, but in terms of being able to close more deals.

Bizible didn’t really leave a void, since we at LeadsRx have been here the whole time. But we’re happy to continue innovating and pushing the capabilities of impartial attribution for B2B marketers.

Consider us your secret weapon for generating better leads and more closed deals.

And Now a Word from a B2B Attribution Customer – Tailwind

Tailwind is the leading social media scheduling tool for businesses looking to grow their reach on Pinterest and Instagram, and it is a LeadsRx customer.

David Christopher, director of marketing and growth at Tailwind, recalls when it first started working with LeadsRx. Our team recommended weighted multi-touch attribution to get to data and insights that would be useful for bettering its marketing campaigns and optimizing ad spend.

What started as an exercise to examine the middle of the Tailwind sales funnel – the signups, the upgrades, and the upsells – turned into gathering insights from the data by source and pushing Tailwind to revisit its UTMs.

“We got really tight on our UTMs, so we used these now to really track all of our campaigns,” Christopher said. “So everything is really well UTM’d. And we know exactly what’s driving what. And that allows us to kind of go deep. So when we see like, ‘hey, inbound is performing well,’ we can go and say, ‘well, what exactly is performing well with our inbounds.’”

David Christopher – TailwindApp.com

Christopher said that was a huge “level-up” for the company. The data got better, it was more realistic and more accurate, and this new centralized, cleaned up, and pretty data became the centerpiece to its whole marketing process, thanks to LeadsRx attribution data.

It was the LeadsRx Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel™ that really cemented Christopher’s belief in the power of impartial multi-touch attribution.

Christopher says being able to see how each customer interacted with them is super valuable. One revelation was that people searching for Tailwind were highly motivated to buy. Wanting to know what drove them to Tailwind and to convert, Tailwind opted to push out a survey. By mirroring that survey data and the attribution data, Tailwind determined that their brand was the motivator.

Search and direct traffic, two of its biggest marketing buckets, were determined to be very successful and driven by all of the marketing team’s work to promote the brand. The marketing team was then able to push more resources to their search and direct traffic efforts.

Learn more about LeadsRx B2B Multi-Touch Attribution; then schedule a demo to see how you can grow your business.