Learn how customers build relationships with your brand

Learn how customers build relationships with your brand

Get More Leads

Find out which touchpoints and content result in requests for sales contact and closed deals. Optimize direct response campaigns.

Improve Return on Ad Spend

Eliminate wasted ad spend. Allocate budget to programs that work. See the impact of ad spend on the entire sales funnel.

View Customer Journeys

Learn how prospects build relationships with your brand. View every touchpoint, the cost, and the reward. Optimize engagement value points.

Let's get tactical: Optimize your current budget

Enterprise attribution is an ongoing process of monitoring all aspects of inbound and outbound marketing programs. Doing so allows you to make frequent, agile changes to your marketing mix to improve customer acquisition through the concept of conversion marketing.

GoalGet more leads with current resources

Increase top of the funnel leads for no extra investment.

MethodReallocate existing ad spend

Monitor how various advertising and channels influence prospects to enter the pipeline. Change budget allocation to reflect what's working best. Eliminate wasted ad spend.

  • Set up LeadsRx to automatically collect advertising cost data
  • Collect behavior data for conversions over 6-8 weeks
  • Use a multi-touch attribution model to identify most influential programs
  • Review Cost of Acquisition analysis to identify programs producing the lowest-cost leads
  • Reallocate existing ad spend to better performing programs

LeadsRx works with your enterprise software platforms

LeadsRx is easy to install with many enterprise software platforms. From Customer Relationship Management to landing page systems, marketing automation, and call forwarding, LeadsRx fits within a complete technology stack to make sure marketing analytics are not an isolated silo.

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Product Overview
eCommerce attribution

Let's get tactical: Understand the customer journey

Enterprise Customer Acquisition starts with understanding the ways in which prospects build relationships with your brand. Every touchpoint needs to be included in customer journey maps to get a clear picture of both individual and aggregated paths to success.

GoalUnderstand the customer journey

Know the path prospects take prior to conversion and along conversion points.

MethodMap the customer journey

Review participation in inbound and outbound marketing programs, track conversions throughout the sales funnel, and document which marketing content is influencing conversions.

  • Define all conversion points such as form completions and content viewing
  • Collect tracking data from prospects for all touchpoints and conversions
  • Review customer journey maps to see specific examples of successful conversion paths
  • Review aggregated journey data for common touchpoint combinations

Optimize Your Spend Across All Channels

Marketing attribution provides key insights for both B2B and B2C companies to help highlight ways to optimize spend across marketing channels. LeadsRx shows exactly which marketing programs are resulting in conversions by tracking all marketing touchpoints across all channel, both online and offline. With integrated cost calculations, Return on Advertising Spend analysis, and demographic segmentation, LeadsRx gives marketers precise insights into the best way to allocate marketing spend.

  • Perform attribution across both online and offline channels
  • Let the system automatically discover marketing touchpoints you have running
  • See Return on Ad Spend by marketing channel
  • Find quick, summary-level answers
  • Get full conversion attribution using a variety of attribution modeling techniques
  • Perform demographic segmentations and customer journey analysis

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