B2B Marketing Attribution

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Learn how customers build relationships with your brand

Enterprise attribution is an ongoing process of monitoring all aspects of inbound and outbound marketing programs. Doing so allows you to make frequent, agile changes to your marketing mix to improve customer acquisition through the concept of conversion marketing.

Optimize your current budget

Increase top of the funnel leads for no extra investment. Monitor how various advertising and channels influence prospects to enter the pipeline. Change budget allocation to reflect what's working best. Eliminate wasted ad spend.

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Understand the customer journey

Know the path prospects take prior to conversion and along conversion points. Review participation in inbound and outbound marketing programs, track conversions throughout the sales funnel, and document which marketing content is influencing conversions.

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Integrate through your TechStack

LeadsRx is easy to connect to many enterprise software platforms. From Salesforce to Hubspot, Marketo, and everything inbetween, LeadsRx fits within a complete technology stack to make sure marketing analytics are not an isolated silo.

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Case Study: Enterprise Software Company

With a sales cycle nearly 9 months long, this company struggled to understand which content pieces and conversion points were ultimately most important to driving "Closed and Won" deals. LeadsRx broke it down by each stage of the sales funnel resulting in complete transparency to the customer journey.

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LeadsRx Attribution Platform for Enterprises

Marketing attribution provides key insights for B2B companies to help highlight ways to optimize spend across marketing channels. LeadsRx shows exactly which marketing programs are resulting in conversions by tracking all marketing touchpoints across all channel, both online and offline.

  • Perform attribution across both online and offline channels
  • Integrated with Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, and more
  • See Return on Ad Spend by marketing channel
  • Get full conversion attribution across all pipeline stages

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