#20 Attribution for SaaS Products + How to Win on Pinterest – David Christopher of Tailwind

David Christopher discusses his three stages of attribution growth – and how it impacted Tailwind’s ability to sign up and convert new customers. Here are the stages:


Stage One: 

  • Create a monster spreadsheet 
  • Tackle troubles with last-click and first-click 
  • Figure out how to track leads, signups, upgrades, and advocacy 
  • Battle lack of buy-in and internal adoption 

Stage Two: 

  • Get channel owners to buy in to attribution data 
  • Upgrade to Weighted Multi Touch via LeadsRx Attribution
  • See better data that’s more realistic – and accurate 
  • Team embraces action items and attribution insights

Stage Three:

  • Learn how to use content attribution to correlate to upgrades 
  • Learn how to rewire the whole marketing engine 
  • Use branded ads and attribution 
  • Dial in customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • Achieve democratization of data 

In addition, we uncover how Tailwind helps you get the most out of your Pinterest advertising campaigns.