#50 Calvin Lathan From Hybrid Media Services on Measuring Radio and Podcast Advertising for Performance

Calvin Latham is the Director of Business Insight and Intelligence at Hybrid Media Services, the Armonk, New York-based direct response audio advertising agency. His job is to put his experience and expertise from years in the audio industry to work for Hybrid clients, examining the analytics data and turning that into insights that improve campaign ROI and return on ad spend (ROAS) for their businesses.

He uses multi-touch attribution from LeadsRx to measure audio advertising performance.

“Hybrid being able to show performance on a very granular level is a key for us and for our clients. Now, obviously radio is not like digital or social, where you can really pinpoint where the attribution is,” Calvin said. “But we have tools and software available to where we can get a pretty good idea of what stations working in a particular market; what day parts are outperforming other day parts; what stations are working Monday through Friday but maybe they’re not working on the weekends. So that allows us to change up our media buying system.”

Listen in as Calvin talks about his career arc, how radio attribution has advanced, the focus Hybrid puts on ad creative, Hybrid’s niche of purchasing remnant (lower-cost) advertising, and more.

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