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LeadsRx helps brands and agencies adapt marketing to the changing demands of customers and markets. By leveraging multi-touch attribution, customer journey maps, and quality data analytics, marketers have the technology and insights they need to spark agile marketing performance.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Impartial, cross-channel attribution provides marketers with basic conversion tracking to know what’s working and what’s not. See which touchpoints result in lower acquisition costs and higher ROAS.


With built-in identity resolution, LeadsRx captures each touchpoint along the path-to-purchase. See consumer behavior as they interact with your brand. Grow lifetime value and reduce wasted ad spend.

PEOPLE + Data = Better

Let’s not replace marketers with artificial intelligence but instead augment human expertise with quality data analytics. Compare your campaign results to industry benchmarks and leverage data for better marketing.

Built for Rapid Deployment

All software products from LeadsRx leverage our Universal Pixel, which captures anonymous, first-party data about your prospects and customers. Place the pixel directly on your website or using any tag manager. Once you do, the pixel immediately begins learning about marketing programs without the need to re-tag advertising.

Impartial, Multi-Touch Attribution

Connecting the dots between marketing touchpoints and conversions, LeadsRx Attribution covers a broad range of marketing programs and events.

  • Digital impressions and clicks
  • Linear TV and broadcast radio exposure
  • Podcast downloads and streams
  • OTT impressions
  • Offline, in-person events and sales
New to attribution?

View attribution results using a variety of LeadsRx reports, or, pull data using our Open API into reporting systems like NinjaCat and TapClicks.

Select from 7 different attribution models including algorithmic attribution that self-adjusts daily based on consumer behavior.

Leverage the LeadsRx Universal Pixel for deterministic and anonymous data capture, and, include probabilistic attribution for television and radio ads.

Include data from a broad range of marketing programs including organic/paid search, organic/paid social, display ads, podcasting, OTT, television, radio, and more.


Anonymous, Privacy-First Customer Journey Analytics

LeadsRx has built its own identity graph over many years, now with more than 2 billion identities across devices, browsers, and apps. This makes identity resolution native to LeadsRx without the need for external, third-party solutions.

  • Anonymous customer journeys
  • Optional data enrichment with opted-in, first-party identities
  • Path-to-purchase for individual customers showing costs, revenue, and lifetime value
  • Key metrics for common paths and average time to convert
  • Cohort support using demographic data

LeadsRx Journey lets you view actual customer journeys with every touchpoint and conversion to better understand the ways customers develop trusted relationships with your brand.

Monitor cost of acquisition and lifetime value to see if strategic goals are being met.

Include first-party profile data from form completions and sales transactions to aid in understanding specific customer journeys; pass data to CRMs for B2B processing.

Set up cohorts to represent targeted demographic groups or for unifying data within accounts for Account Based Marketing (ABM).


People + Data = Better

Coming soon: LeadsRx aggregated data provides you with performance benchmarks across a variety of paid and organic channels.

  • Aggregated conversion rates for Google, Bing, and Facebook 
  • Conversion share data 
  • Benchmarks to monitor your own marketing performance


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