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  • Jul 19, 2019
  • By Lucas Sommer
Tired of Formatting Spot Logs? Import Your Multi-Format Logs Effortlessly

Uploading Spot Logs is Now Easy

LeadsRx now has an enhanced, intelligent upload facility for ingesting broadcast post spot logs. With other tools, spot logs from a variety of unique and disjointed sources need to be distilled down into one universal CSV format. Formatting spot logs is a common problem for anyone measuring broadcast performance, so at LeadsRx we set out to make this easier.

With our recent spot log ingest update, we now support to the ability to skip over rows that do not contain properly formatted spot log data. The system looks intelligently at the data to make a determination if it’s correct, and if not, that data will be skipped.

This allows files with several spot log sections and files with footer, total, or other informational rows to be imported without error or needing to be reformatted. LeadsRx import tool intelligently differentiates between rows which contain spot data and those which don’t.

Spot Logs: Required Formatting

There are still a few formatting requirements that are required for spot log ingestion:

  • All files must be in CSV format and then need to be saved with “.csv” at the end of the filename.
  • Remove all rows above the column headers row. The first row in the import file must be the column headers row.
  • Make sure that all date columns are formatted in common ways. The most common is “YYYY-MM-DD” but LeadsRx can ingest dates in all common formats.
  • All data rows must exist on a single row. All information pertaining to a particular spot must be found on the same row.

LeadsRx has tested files from both local and national advertisers (CBS, Bravo, ESPN, Lifetime, NBC, Investigation Discovery, iHeart, Sirius, Cox) in the TV and Radio channels successfully. Many of these post logs required little to know formatting and were ingested successfully!

We do not support uploading PDF spot log files, so all logs received as PDFs will need to be formatted into a CSV.

If you are tired of spending hours formatting spot logs, uploading with errors, debugging those errors and cleaning data – then give LeadsRx broadcast attribution a try. Schedule a product demo with an account executive to experience how easy uploading spot logs with LeadsRx can be.