LeadsRX and Cox Media Group Unveil Partnership for Best-in-Class Attribution

On September 3rd, Cox Media Group(CMG) and our team here at LeadsRX announced our partnership. Cox Media has been utilizing the LeadsRx Broadcast Attribution software within their popular Cox Analytics solution, for television, radio, digital and print advertisers in the broader Cox Media Group network. 

Cox Media Group is an integrated broadcasting, publishing, direct marketing, and digital media company. Their operations include a variety of television stations, radio stations, newspapers, and other print publications. They help advertisers hone in on and speak to their ideal audiences across the world. Our partnership will position Cox Media Group to strengthen the data and tracking that they provide to their customers as it relates to television and radio advertising. 

LeadsRx is a cross-channel marketing attribution platform. To date, we’ve been used by more than 20,000 businesses around the world to help them better understand how their customers came to be customers. Using our platform, our customers are able to reduce their customer acquisition costs and optimize their ad spend to improve their ROI. LeadsRx provides a singular view of campaign performance across all advertising mediums — including broadcast mediums like television and radio. 

Our innovative solution empowers broadcast marketing and advertising teams to better understand their audience and customers. It provides a more tailored experience that is less focused on getting an advertiser’s brand in front of their audience as much as possible and more focused on delivering fewer, more relevant ads.

The addition of marketing attribution abilities helps Cox Analytics improve their solution in a few ways:

  • Quantify increases in web traffic due to radio and television advertising
  • Help advertisers identify ways to use their ad dollars more effectively
  • Better understand the actions of consumers

This partnership ensures that advertisers have clarity, transparency, and insight into their audience, enabling them to deliver more compelling ads that are relevant to their customer’s needs. 

Better Data, Better Advertising

With the addition of LeadsRx’s attribution abilities to Cox Analytics, advertisers will gain a deeper understanding of how consumer actions are influenced by broadcast advertising. Instead of simply seeing the “big picture,” brands can deep-dive into the role that individual advertisements played, along with the effect of their entire broadcast advertising ecosystem. 

LeadsRx’s system allows for segmentation and data across many different dimensions, including:

  • Daypart
  • Day of the week
  • Station
  • Ad creative
  • Program aired-during

With this data, advertisers and users of Cox Analytics will be able to optimize their ad creative and spending budgets and attract more responsive consumers, who are exposed to fewer and more relevant ads as a result. They can hone in on the days, times, stations, and creatives that are moving the needle and driving ROI. Then, they can use those insights to continually improve and optimize their advertising campaigns for the foreseeable future. 

In short, LeadsRx Broadcast Attribution levels the playing field between broadcast advertising and digital advertising, giving advertisers access to more data, better customer segmentation, and a deeper understanding of their audience.

“The Cox Analytics service, built on LeadsRx attribution capabilities, ensures optimized exposure to the right audiences and makes the best use of advertiser budget.”

-Katie Reid, Executive Director of Revenue for Radio, Cox Media Group

Partners in Better Advertising

This partnership represents a significant step forward for both LeadsRx and Cox Media Group. As a company, we’ll be able to grow the number of broadcast advertisers that we help through our partnership with Cox Media Group and inclusion in Cox Analytics. Cox will be able to provide a better service to their advertisers, providing them with more insight into the decision making processes of their customers.