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  • Jun 09, 2021
  • By Cam Sivesind
Infographic: 26 IDentity Graph Solution vendors

There are boatloads of vendors offering varying levels of Identity Graph solutions in an effort to thwart off the pending end of third-party cookies. Marketers want solutions, so they can continue to identify and track consumers to better market and re-market to them.

Marketers want to reach consumers effectively, but also within the rules of increasingly more strict customer data privacy regulations, be they from operating systems, web browsers or governments. They also want to provide a great experience for consumers, which consumers also desire, as long as it is within reason and makes their lives easier without being too Big Brother.

You can download the PDF of the full vendor list infographic for handy reference. It breaks down a list of companies with varied levels of ID solution offerings.

For more information about each solution, check out our detailed blog post. If you’d like to explore the LeadsRx ID graphing solution to identify customer paths to purchase, request a demo.

In addition, see a video breakdown of ID graphing and third-party cookie deprecation coming in 2022.