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  • May 04, 2021
  • By Cam Sivesind
Announcing the LeadsRx Community Impact Program

We’ve formalized our approach to giving back to our community and can’t wait to get started

We feel very fortunate to have celebrated our sixth anniversary as a company in April. It hasn’t been without a lot of hard work, some trust and faith from our very first customers who took a chance on us in 2015, and continuing support of and trust in us from our current roster of customers.

It has been a time to reflect on an amazing ride, which has allowed us to focus on what’s really important – the human side of the business. Despite being a technology company, what we do and how we do it is about people and relationships. We’ve always supported community charities and activities and have matched employee contributions to causes near and dear to them. But we can do more.

That’s why we are announcing the formalization of the LeadsRx Community Impact Program. It’s a simple concept, borrowed from Salesforce and its Salesforce.org social impact initiative.

Our Pledge to Make an Impact

We’ve supported charitable organizations in the past, encourage volunteerism by our employees, and match employee donations to causes of their choice. We’re now taking a big step forward. Here’s how the LeadsRx Community Impact Program works:

  • 1% of Profit – LeadsRx leadership selects 3 to 5 charities annually to receive a share of 1% of our profits. Those charitable organizations are chosen with input from the entire company workforce. In addition, we will continue to match employee contributions of up to $500 per year to charities they support.
  • 1% of Product – LeadsRx is growing its list of non-profit organizations using our technology to increase the effectiveness of their outreach to individual and corporate donors, volunteers, and other resource-rich partnerships. We offer discounts on product licensing to our non-profit customers so they can put more of their resources toward helping those who need their services.
  • 1% of Time – There’s something to be said for throwing on a bib or apron and getting our hands dirty. From river cleanups to volunteering at food pantries or animal shelters to leading a clothing drive, our employees take pride in helping with projects that add real value to our community and, well, make an impact. We provide paid time off for employees to volunteer in their communities.

A Nod to Humanity

We’re human. We live and work in the communities near our LeadsRx headquarters, located in Portland, Oregon. But we have remote employees across the U.S. and customers across North America and beyond. Our current non-profit customers are making an impact on the people they serve in the U.S. and around the globe.

If you want to learn more about the LeadsRx Community Impact Program, if you are a non-profit organization looking to use our product and want to know more about our discount pricing, or if you are a charity in the Portland area that could use our help – in funds or elbow grease or both – please reach out to info@leadsrx.com.