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Automotive Attribution: Sell More Cars

Know exactly what marketing programs are bringing customers into your showroom – and ultimately buying cars. Get up and running quickly and easily with LeadsRx Dealer Attribution for your automotive dealership.

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Why Automotive Attribution? 

Knowing the customer’s journey – from hearing that first holiday sales promotion in a radio ad, to clicking on an info-request form in a paid ad link, to looking up makes and models on your site (down to the VIN numbers) – is worth its weight in gold.

Data and insights from automotive advertising attribution allows you to capitalize on cross-channel synergies throughout the sales funnel. 

Maximize ROAS – More Car Sales Per Ad Dollar

LeadsRx moves beyond solely counting impressions and clicks that many of today’s marketing KPIs rely on. Instead, reliable unbiased data from all channels is used to determine the one measurement that matters – return on ad spend (ROAS).

By aligning revenue (vehicle sale price) and the costs of your advertising campaigns, LeadsRx Dealer Attribution gives you a complete, accurate ROAS calculation. And that helps you fine-tune your campaigns and, ultimately, draw more buyers to your showroom.

Marketing in Overdrive

It’s no secret that the majority of auto buyers perform research online, check with friends and neighbors, and look at reviews from auto publications and on Facebook to arm themselves with the insights they need to make an informed buying decision.

Then those buyers visit a dealer showroom ready to kick the tires, take a test drive or two, and work out the financing before driving off the lot in their new ride.

But how did they find, and why did they choose, your dealership? Automotive attribution – specifically multi-touch automotive attribution – provides those answers. The LeadsRx platform provides an impartial, cross-channel view of the entire customer journey to see where in the sales funnel people are acting, reacting, and converting. 

Automotive Attribution Benefits

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AUTOMOTIVE Customer Journeys – Optimize the Path to Conversion

Through a proprietary Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel™, LeadsRx provides focused insights on user-level attribution, identifying the purchase paths of both known and anonymous car shoppers across all channels and devices both online and offline. By placing the pixel on your website, it enables LeadsRx to sort and rank the influence of each channel’s contribution in the path to conversion, including organic and paid search, social media, display ads, television, radio, email, third-party sites, direct mail, and more.

Link Online and Offline Actions, Like SHOWROOM SALES

Speaking of cross-channel synergies, multi-touch automotive attribution connects how offline advertising (TV and radio broadcast ads) provide “lift” to other paid, direct, or organic channels. You’ll know which touchpoints had an impact on a customer’s ultimate decision to buy from you. Each touchpoint is weighted, and you receive a single unified view of the online and offline experiences that contributed to the sale.

Connect Online and Offline Channels

Just as offline touchpoints can be measured for effect on online advertising, the reverse is true – the LeadsRx platform can help you measure and understand the effect online ads have on offline sales. Both offline and online channels complement each other and, through automotive attribution, gives you deep insights into the actions of different customer personas. With this information, you can more accurately gauge how effective specific advertisements are for your business.

Gain an Understanding of Your Advertising Ecosystem

Impartial multi-touch automotive attribution is the secret sauce you need to stay ahead of the competition. Customers will find every way possible to learn more about your business and information about your auto brands, makes, and models before making a final buying decision. They might seek out your business on social media, ask their friends or co-workers for their recommendations, read third-party reviews, check out your own website, or visit in person to talk to a sales rep and get behind the wheel of the vehicle they have their sights on. The LeadsRx dealer attribution solution – and the data it produces – helps you make sense of it all and focus, improve, and optimize future ad spend.

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