The power behind our solution is the LeadsRx Universal Pixel™, one pixel that feeds both LeadsRx attribution and customer journey analytics products so marketers can confidently watch the data and insights flow in.


Leads are great, and important, but conversions are where marketers win. Tracking those conversions, and the customer journeys to them, is of vital importance. It seems every attribution and customer journey analytics solution offers a pixel for tracking, but those pixels likely only track one channel – comparing how one ad or program on that channel fairs against another ad or program on that same channel.

That won’t do. You end up with a bunch of individual pixels monitoring different marketing channels and, worse yet, disjointed data with no common link and no way to talk to one another. With the LeadsRx Universal Pixel™, you get one true source – one “universal” holistic view – of the customer journey, ending with that all-important data and insights on tracked conversions. It’s conversion tracking taken to the next level.

We do this through LeadsRx Attribution and LeadsRx Journey.

With one pixel – provided by LeadsRx but set on your site by you or your client’s site by them – you receive impartial, first-party data. There’s no biased information from walled gardens that benefit from espousing the merits of the ads they serve. Just drop the pixel, and we’ll tell you, without a doubt, what is happening as you earn a customer’s business.


From the moment the LeadsRx Universal Pixel™ has been installed on your website, it immediately goes to work. The pixel collects data on marketing touchpoints from common sources such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, UTM parameters, referrals, and more, instantly adding these to your LeadsRx dashboard.


The pixel automatically learns about ALL touchpoints and gives each the right amount of credit while also storing individual customer journeys.


Journeys are then aggregated for fast reporting and attribution and customer journey insights. Virtually no other setup is required, so you’re able to see results within weeks, if not days.

Leadsrx Dashboard

Your LeadsRx dashboard is the place to go to review multi-touch attribution and customer journey analtyics results in real time. You can see conversion segmentation, attribution summary, marketing touchpoint performance, content frequency and attribution, customer journeys, ROAS, cost of acquisition analysis, and much more.

 If you are ready to learn more, let us provide a demo of our impartial marketing analytics solution.

For more on the LeadsRx Universal Pixel™, watch this short video:

experience our UNIVERSAL PIXEL™

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