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TV Attribution: Optimize Your Media Spend for Conversions

Discover TV advertising effectiveness by measuring its ROAS, just like you do with your digital media, by using LeadsRx TV Attribution.

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TV ads work, and attribution proves it: TV advertising can and does provide lift to your web traffic, as well as in-store visits.

To provide TV attribution, LeadsRx analyzes Google Analytics and spot log data, and measures the web lift during a “response window” after a commercial advertisement has aired.

LeadsRx Broadcast Attribution™ also monitors all the other marketing touchpoints, web sessions, and online conversions. With this complete data set, you can evaluate your TV ad campaigns effectiveness at driving conversions throughout the entire cross-channel landscape.

Attribution insights reveal the types of programming and associated content that work best at driving the conversion event being optimized for.

Your No. 1 KPI is return on ad spend (ROAS), and TV is a key offline channel among other offline and online channels that must be considered. Optimize TV’s ROAS to maximize marketing campaign results and conversions.

The way to do that is by using impartial multi-touch attribution to break down effectiveness of TV spots by a variety of specific dimensions.

Comprehensive and real-time attribution reports provide insights into what daypart, day of the week, station, creative, tone, content, associated program, and more delivered the best lift.


LeadsRx partners with WideOrbit, a leading provider of advertising management technology for media companies and broadcasters, to provide the automated and accurate delivery of spot logs from your TV advertising data.

No more manual entry, no more typos, no more human intervention. 

With this partnership, you can easily incorporate broadcast advertising into cross-channel attribution models to see how all mediums contribute to customer acquisition. Such models aid in identifying high-valued campaigns and potentially wasted ad spend in order to optimize spend allocation and maximize ROAS.

TV And Digital: Attribution Case Studies

A home furnishings business with five regional stores began to grow its digital marketing efforts, but its bread and butter was television.

LeadsRx Attribution insights helped identify how its broadcast advertising worked in conjunction with its digital efforts.

The marketing team was shocked to learn that two spots purchased during a specific prime time TV show had an amazing amount of conversions.

Attribution insights allowed them to see TV advertising’s impact and how it related to and interacted with its digital advertising efforts.

“I’m able to see how all of that plays together, how somebody can see a TV ad and then maybe go do a Google search, and now I’m getting an idea of what broadcast is doing to my organic traffic or my direct traffic,” said the company’s digital manager.

HOW TV Attribution WORKS

Response Window

LeadsRx analyzes traffic to an advertiser’s website to determine which visitors could be responding to a commercial that aired – within a specified time period.


LeadsRx segments website visitors by their geographic location, thus avoiding having an ad that airs in Atlanta being wrongfully attributed to a visitor from San Francisco.


Also known as spike analysis, this is another valuable feature in LeadsRx Broadcast Attribution that allows you to clearly see how visitor traffic to a website spikes during and after broadcast advertising.



Broadcast advertising can be sold in a few different ways: local market; network or national; and national simultaneous. LeadsRx supports all of these models and includes specific capabilities that “burst” network or national buys into each local market.


LeadsRx has an enhanced, intelligent facility for ingesting broadcast post spot logs, providing maximum flexibility and ease of use.

TV Attribution Reports

Do you want to know which advertising creative, station, length, time, and geography work the best at driving conversions? These tv attribution reports will tell you. 

Want to see all our podcast attribution reports?

If you would like to learn about all of the LeadsRx features, please schedule a personalized demonstration so we can show you how podcast attribution would work in your use case.

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