LeadsRx Team

We are marketers, developers, data scientists, customer success advocates, and marketing analytics evangelists here to help you maximize return on ad spend across all your campaigns.

A Data Driven, People Focused Company Ran by Experienced Professionals

  • AJ Brown
    CEO, Co-Founder,
    Head of Technology
    AJ provided the initial inspiration for LeadsRx, having been head of marketing for several businesses over his career as well as head of software engineering. His experience working with fast-paced Silicon Valley startups for the better part of two and a half decades has helped a number of businesses build early traction and high-impact lead generation programs.
  • Abraham Kimelman
    Abraham was previously the Financial Controller for Ericsson, Inc and managed budgeting and forecasting for R & D teams. He has also held positions at Ambient Corporation.
  • Larry Todd
    VP Worldwide Sales
    Larry works with LeadsRx clients and partners to make sure our product is a good fit for their needs. With a decade of experience building relationships and solving key business problems, Larry’s background includes positions with Sprint, Salesforce, and Alfresco Software.
  • Dave Canelis
    VP of Customer Success
    Dave is a customer success executive with broad experience creating and leading best-in-class professional services, customer support, and client adoption and success programs to maximize value for clients and shareholders. For 29 years, he has driven successful customer outcomes for clients at Oracle, ServiceSource, Webtrends, and Tableau. His passion is helping marketers achieve optimal results from data-driven solutions.
  • Quetzal Dumont
    Director of
    Customer Success
    Quetzal is an architect of relationships, building bridges between people and groups in order to make life run smoothly. With more than 10 years experience in marketing, project management, client account management, human resources, medicine and more, Quetzal works with LeadsRx clients to ensure quick and sustained success with attribution technology.