Special Report
what’s working in modern analytics?

This report details how to adopt new metrics to inform lead and attribution analytics and leverage different data types to ensure lead and attribution quality. In today’s privacy-first world, tracking the customer journey must be respectful of consumer privacy. This report shows you how it’s done.

Learn what marketers are currently doing to improve or leverage analytics usage, including:

  • Key metrics that vet lead analytics and improve ROI

  • How different types of data improve marketing attribution

  • How predictive data improves analytics while helping organizations stay ahead of the market

  • Tools that improve analytics usage



    Nervous about maintaining a privacy-first policy when tracking multi-touch attribution? Download this report to see how it’s done!

    “I learned that attribution doesn’t need to be a long, complicated or expensive process.”

    MANAGING , Digital Marketing

    “This is exactly what I need to show my CEO and Board of Directors.”

    CMO, Financial Services

    “The insights have been very helpful in showing me where my leads are coming from, giving me the ability to see where I need to put more effort.”

    FOUNDER, eCommerce Store

    “I was finally able to properly attribute between my Facebook and Google conversions. “

    CMO, Saas Company