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Salesforce Attribution: Win More Opportunities

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LeadsRx Integration with Salesforce

In the world of B2B sales and marketing, it’s important to remember that winning new customers is a cooperative and long-term effort. As an enterprise marketer using Salesforce, you’re likely tasked with creating Marketing Qualified Leads with compelling company positioning and by promoting products and services through various channels. Success is a combination of the right messaging (content), the right mix of online and offline channels, and the varied timing of all those touchpoints in a marketing campaign.

Many marketers stop their analysis at the “lead-generation” stage, but savvy marketers avoid this trap by turning their focus to bottom-of-the-funnel conversions. In an effort to be a true partner to sales and help the enterprise garner more won opportunities, you should leverage attribution. 

Imagine being able to zoom in on the bottom of the funnel, where buyers reside, and not rely on reports showing only top-of-the-funnel activity where everyone else is. With attribution, data on conversions (customers who made a purchase) is what influences your marketing decisions. It’s empowering, impartial data.

LeadsRx Multi-Touch B2B Attribution

Multi-touch attribution at this level for Salesforce is possible with our LeadsRx integration. This means the marketing and sales teams can see which content and programs drive prospects to various sales stages.

Enterprises using Salesforce and LeadsRx will not only track what marketing efforts are creating Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) but, more importantly, what marketing efforts are helping close more deals in the pipeline.

Adding LeadsRx marketing attribution modeling to your advertising and sales software stack can lead to big gains in both new leads, and even better, more closed deals.

How Salesforce Attribution Works

Start closing more deals by incorporating attribution in your sales strategy.

We track 100% of marketing

As prospects interact with your marketing campaigns, website, and content, their customer journey maps and profiles in LeadsRx are updated accordingly. Our Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel™ captures 100% of your marketing programs.

We build customer journeys

As prospects convert at various stages, the data collected will be pushed from LeadsRx into Salesforce as either Lead Records or Contact Records. The profile data is synced seamlessly between the platforms. 

We Connect opportunities to their touchpoints

Once a prospect is converted to an Opportunity in Salesforce, data related to revenue and select pipeline stages is retrieved from Salesforce automatically and added to customer journeys in LeadsRx.

We Connect sales to customer journeys

This two-way flow of data provides full attribution from the very first touchpoint through all stages of the sales funnel, eventually ending in Won Opportunities. Marketing and sales work together to find out which campaigns and touchpoints are most impactful at moving prospects through the funnel.

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